Garden Paving In London

Natural stone paving is so popular in London due to the size and nature of the properties.  London is a massively populated city with more importance placed on housing the population than making space for large gardens.  The majority of gardens in London are in the style of courtyards as opposed to the usual English garden.  This is one of the reasons why natural stone paving has become so popular in the city of London, it’s the ideal, stylish, low maintenance material, perfect for the London courtyard.  I speak to landscapers and garden designers on a daily basis who work in London and while the city is an amazing source of work and income, working in it can throw up a few problems.  Probably the one thing that annoys contractors most of all are the parking restrictions in greater London.  I have had experience of this myself and always found areas like Clapham and Brixton to be swarming with unreasonable parking attendants.  I remember once receiving a parking ticket while I was dropping a load of stone paving off in Brixton.  I was given the ticket while I was operating the hiab on our 25 ton delivery wagon.  I have also heard similar stories from skip drivers who have been issued with tickets while they are dropping or picking up skips.  Another problem contractors face is access to the rear garden.  It is very rare for houses in London to have back access.  This means that all the material has to go through the house.  One of my regular clients recently told me about a project in which his team had to take 70 tons of excavated material through a house to the waiting skip.  They also had to haul tons of MOT, sand and cement through the house in addition to the 50 m2 of Buff sawn sandstone which we had supplied.  Doesn’t sound like much fun does it?  Unless your in training for Great Britain's strongest man.

By London Stone Blog | Published 26th November 2010
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