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Granite Garden Paving Slabs

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Granite Paving offers a luxury finish to both contemporary and traditional settings. Its tight grain and evenly textured, sawn and flamed surface make it ideal for the crisp lines of modern designs, where its subtle sparkle adds lightness and character. London Stone’s Granite Paving is available in Silver Grey and Blue Grey and as sleek Black Granite. Granite has very consistent colouring which, combined with its tight grain and even texture, makes it particularly suitable for an ultra-modern space. The colour options can easily be combined, if desired, to create cleanly defined lines or pattern and to add contrast. Granite Paving is also available as setts. Sawn Granite Setts are particularly suitable for smaller contemporary spaces where their reduced measurements can make the area feel bigger. Split Granite Setts add a crafted feel to traditional designs and both sawn and split setts will combine with larger slabs to define areas and edges. Granite Paving is very dense. This means that it is one of the least porous stones, making it naturally stain-resistant. Because it requires virtually no maintenance, Granite is a very good choice for driveways, under overhanging trees which drop their leaves, and for high-traffic areas.