Granite Paving Slabs from London Stone

Granite paving slabs are renowned for their exceptional quality and timeless appeal, making them a favourite choice for both modern and traditional landscapes. London Stone offers an extensive range of granite paving options that bring sophistication, durability, and versatility to any outdoor space. Our granite paving is meticulously sourced and crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting addition to your garden, driveway, or patio.

Comprising of three unique colours to suit your design style, our Black Granite paving is finished with a sawn, sandblasted and brushed top surface texture, giving subtle movement through each slab. Our Silver Grey and Dark Grey Granites meanwhile, are finished with a sawn and flamed surface, leaving them with a slight glint and light sparkle.

With a tight grain and even texture, granite also has a sawn edge, being ideally suited to the crisp lines of modern designs, with a minimal 5mm joint width. The colour of granite paving is very consistent, adding to its suitability for an ultra-modern space, where its subtle sparkle adds lightness and character. Granite has also long been a traditional paving material and slips comfortably into traditional settings too, especially in combination with setts.

Why Choose Granite Paving?

1. Durability and Strength

Granite is an igneous rock (cooled and solidified volcanic lava) meaning it is one of the hardest natural stones available, known for its durability and strength. It is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Whether it's for a driveway, pathway, or patio, granite paving slabs will withstand the test of time and maintain their stunning appearance.

2. Low Maintenance

Granite's low porosity means it absorbs minimal water, making it highly resistant to stains and easy to clean. A simple wash with water and a mild detergent is usually enough to keep granite paving looking as good as new. Its natural resistance to moss and algae growth further reduces the need for regular maintenance.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

The tight grain and uniform texture of granite give it a sleek, contemporary look. Available in a range of colours from light to dark grey, granite paving slabs can complement any design style. The subtle sparkle of the stone adds a touch of elegance, making your outdoor space look refined and luxurious.

4. Versatility in Design

Granite paving is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of design applications. It is available in different finishes, including sawn and flamed, and sawn, sandblasted and brushed, allowing you to create the perfect look for your project. If you're after a smooth, modern surface with a slightly textured finish, granite will meet your aesthetic needs.

Granite Paving Options at London Stone

1. Granite Paving Slabs

Our granite paving slabs are precision-cut to ensure uniform thickness and ease of installation. Available in various sizes and colours, these slabs are perfect for creating patios, pathways, and garden features that stand out.

2. Granite Setts

Granite Setts are small, rectangular or square blocks that are ideal for creating intricate designs and patterns. They are perfect for driveways, edging, and creating visual interest in larger paved areas.

3. Granite Steps and Copings

Granite steps and coping stones add a polished finish to any project. Whether you are building a set of garden steps or finishing the edges of a patio, our granite steps and copings provide a seamless transition and a sophisticated look.

4. Granite Plank Paving

For a modern, linear look, our granite plank paving is an excellent choice. These long, narrow slabs can be used to create striking pathways and patios that draw the eye and enhance the overall design of your outdoor space.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

1. Proper Preparation

Ensure the ground is well-prepared before laying granite paving slabs. A stable sub-base is crucial for preventing movement and ensuring longevity. We recommend using a high-quality sub-base material and compacting it thoroughly. See our article giving an overview of a professional installing granite paving.

2. Jointing and Sealing

Using the right jointing material is essential for a neat finish and to prevent weed growth. London Stone recommend Larsen GPM which is a pre-mixed mortar that is available in a selection of colours. If you decide to use a resin jointing compound, take extra care during the cleaning off process to avoid the resin particles getting trapped in the textured surface finish of the Granite.

3. Ongoing Maintenance

Although granite is low-maintenance, regular cleaning will help maintain its appearance. Sweep the surface to remove debris and wash it with water and a mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the stone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Paving Slabs

Is granite paving suitable for driveways?

Yes, granite paving slabs are dense and absorb minimal water, making them stain-resistant and ideal for driveways and high-traffic areas. Their strength and durability ensure they can withstand the weight of vehicles without cracking or breaking. If using granite as driveway paving, we recommend that you seal the slabs prior to laying, to ensure that ongoing maintenance from tyre marks or oil splatter is easier.

What design options are available with granite paving?

Granite is available in various grey tones and can be used to create defined lines, patterns, and contrasts. It is also offered in edging stones, setts, plank paving, steps, and coping stones, providing endless design possibilities.

How does granite perform in outdoor settings?

Granite's durability and low water absorption make it excellent for outdoor settings, including areas under trees and in high-traffic regions. Its resistance to weathering and ability to maintain its appearance over time make it a popular choice for outdoor paving.

Can granite paving slabs be used in traditional designs?

Yes, granite seamlessly fits into traditional designs, especially when combined with setts for a classic look. Its natural beauty and timeless appeal make it suitable for both modern and traditional settings.

How do I maintain granite paving?

Granite is low-maintenance and easy to care for. Regular sweeping and occasional washing with water and a mild detergent will keep it looking its best. For tougher stains, use a specialised stone cleaner.

Granite Paving Slabs: Durable, Stylish & Affordable

Exceptionally hard-wearing, granite is a great choice for high-traffic areas

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Granite Paving Slabs: Durable, Stylish & Affordable

Exceptionally hard-wearing, granite is a great choice for high-traffic areas

From £40.00 + VAT m²

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