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Garden walls can serve a range of purposes. From retaining walls, designed to hold back earth or water, to walls that act as privacy screens, or just ones that transform the garden into a beautiful outdoor space. Stone walling is a timeless classic, as is evident by the picturesque stone walls scattered about Britain. A sturdy brick retaining wall will keep earth from washing away, particularly if the garden is in an area with heavy storms, where adding gravel can add extra drainage capability. Stone walling will also weather attractively and last a lifetime, as well as adding life and depth to the garden and contrasting beautifully with other surfaces such as grass and timber. Walling can also be the perfect solution to provide a curved raised bedding area, designing the walling that offers room for a raised flower garden, and filling the garden bed with perennials. Alternatively, plant clematis and other climbing greenery at the base of the wall and allow them to grow vertically to make a stunning feature. Garden walling is great for hiding an eyesore like garbage cans or a shed or add privacy to the garden. Or just to make an outdoor space prettier, walling can be used to create an impressive focal point in the garden and perfect divider or backdrop for any outdoor space. Attractive landscaping using walling in a garden will also add value to your property. Shop all garden walling now and bring a fresh new perspective to the outside living experience