Luxury Italian Porcelain Patio Tiles

Why Should You Choose Luxury Italian Porcelain Tiles for Your Outdoor Space?

When choosing new patio tiles for your home, our Luxury Italian Porcelain Paving slabs are some of our must buys. These porcelain paving tiles speak of quality, offering textures and styles exclusive to the range, adding noticeable quality to your garden.

When choosing between our Luxury Italian Porcelain tiles, you'll get several sizing options. In addition to the standard 600x600mm format, you'll also find a selection of large format tiles. Their visual impact is ideal for a modern, stand-out design, suiting most contemporary homes.

Particularly striking are our 1200x1200mm porcelain tile options.

Choose Yard, for example, and you'll discover stylish tones of light grey. The large format sizing of these tiles ensures minimal jointing and a fresh, contemporary style. Or, if you'd like to retain the sense of space created by a large format tile and add a touch of movement, consider the 1200x600mm rectangular proportions available, for example in our Trendy Black.

Our 900x600mm outdoor porcelain tiles match the most popular size in natural stone paving for a more classic appearance. At London Stone, we were the first paving company to introduce them to the market, after our customers told us they'd love to have the choice. This size gives porcelain a comfortable role in more traditional settings, fitting conventional design schemes. Faro is one of our most popular floor tiles, emulating the elegance of Portuguese limestone.

Choosing from our Luxury range of Italian porcelain tiles is to invest in paving that meets your high expectations. These porcelain slabs look amazing and are guaranteed to give you pleasure for many years to come.

An Exclusive Paving Collection from Italy

London Stone is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Caesar outdoor porcelain. You can't buy any of our porcelain paving products elsewhere in the UK, making us market leaders in the field.

Established in 1988, when only 3% of floor tiles in the Italian market were made of porcelain, Caesar quickly became a leading producer of luxury porcelain paving. At the forefront of research and development, Caesar uses finely judged combinations of carefully selected raw ingredients. To the present day, they continue to launch innovative collections that show the versatility and beauty of this hard-wearing material. Refined and utterly reliable, Caesar tiles are used in landscaping and construction projects worldwide.

As Caesar's largest European customer, we can negotiate highly competitive prices for our various ranges of vitrified paving, giving you a wider choice of styles and colours to suit your project and budget.

What Puts the Luxury Into our Luxury Porcelain Patio Tiles?

Across our Luxury range of porcelain slabs, you'll find textures that augment the character of the colour—for example, the restrained nap of Comblanchien or the tactile grain of Golden Stone. Some designs (like Gea), represent the even look of sandblasted natural stone. Others are moulded to appear riven.

Surface texture is an important element when choosing your ideal paving slabs, adding a great deal of style to the look of your outdoor space. This is obvious the moment you compare a textured tile with the characterless, flat surfaces of many outdoor tiles on the market.

No Repeat Patterns

Unlike natural stone, porcelain is a man-made substance - to make the material look as lifelike and authentic as possible, the paving must have a natural appearance. The number of repeating slabs contained within your outdoor space is an essential part of achieving this. As a manufactured product, every type of porcelain paving is made up of a certain number of differently patterned slabs. Increasing the number of patterns means that repeat slabs are far less obvious when laid out.

Our Luxury Italian Porcelain Paving offers up to 30 different patterns within a design, making it almost impossible to spot a repeat. The result is a man-made porcelain that closely mimics a natural material, but without any of the variations in tone that you might find in natural stone or real wood.

Attention to this level of detail creates a more natural appearance - especially in outdoor tiles with stone-like veins and markings, such as our elegant Versilia grey porcelain paving, or the colours and tones of wood effect porcelain like Cinder. Wood effect tiles are only available in our Luxury range of Italian porcelain tiles, making them a must buy for customers interested in these textures.

Full-Bodied Colour

The high-quality and precise manufacturing methods of our Italian porcelain patio tiles result in full-bodied colour.

Our Luxury selection of porcelain tiles are fully moulded, unlike our budget-conscious Project porcelain range (where the colour is printed and glazed onto the surface). This means that the colour you see on the tile's face continues throughout the body of the tile. In the rare event that a tile is chipped or scratched, the damage blends in with the surrounding tile.

This isn't the case for porcelain paving with a surface-applied pattern, as chips and scratches will show the lighter colour that lies underneath the surface.

Make Your Design Your Own

When installing our outdoor paving slabs, these full-bodied colour choices expand your design options. Engraving paving with names, dates or a pattern meaningful to you is a subtle addition that gives your garden a unique stamp. Full-bodied colour ensures that the incised lines are the same colour as the surrounding stone, blending into the background perfectly.

Our Bespoke Stone Centre has perfected the difficult art of engraving porcelain, on hand to cut our outdoor tiles to any shape or size to fit your exact requirements.

Easier Cutting and Laying

The quality of manufacture means that, while you need to employ the correct way to lay and cut porcelain outdoor tiles, it's easier to cut them yourself without accidentally chipping or cracking your tiles.

Not sure if Luxury Porcelain is for you? Check out the differences between our porcelain paving ranges to find out which porcelain slabs are most suited to your needs.

Design the Perfect Patio with Luxury Porcelain Paving

Our Luxury Italian porcelain tiles are the first port of call for many designers, using porcelain paving in award-winning gardens to showcase its versatility.

For more design ideas, check out our Wood Effect Porcelain Patio Tiles Style Tips page and our Porcelain Patio Design Ideas For Small Gardens page.

And don't forget, for all our porcelain, we also offer matching steps and coping for a fully integrated garden design.

Why Buy Italian Porcelain Tiles from London Stone?

Since introducing porcelain paving to the market, London Stone has led the way in the use of outdoor porcelain tiles in the UK. As a customer-centric business, we believe in offering our shoppers the highest-quality materials across all our products.

When purchasing our Luxury Italian porcelain outdoor tiles, you'll get the following benefits:

However, if you still have questions about our porcelain patio tiles, please contact our Whatsapp team and we'll be happy to help.


Do You Offer an Installation Service For Porcelain Patio Tiles?

Unfortunately, we don't offer an installation service for our Luxury Porcelain patio tiles. However, our Landscape Specialist Scheme can be used to find a suitable landscaper or garden designer in your area.

As with any design project, it's important to assess the landscaper you use, ensuring that you find the right person for your paving needs. Most landscapers and garden designers will have a portfolio of previous work you can view, and it may be worth getting several quotations from different companies before committing.

More information can be found on our dedicated Installation FAQ page.

What Is Your Returns Policy?

When purchasing your Luxury Porcelain Paving slabs from London Stone, you have the right to cancel your order and return your items within 14 days of delivery. It doesn't matter what the reason for returning your order is (unless it's a bespoke order), as we understand that sometimes people change their minds. However, your patio slabs must be returned in their original condition and packing.

If there is an issue with your porcelain tiles, please contact us so that we can put the situation right for you. Rectifying order issues is more difficult once your items have been installed, so we recommend that you get in touch as quickly as possible.

If your patio tiles are faulty, damaged, not fit for purpose or not as described, you have a 30-day period in which to return them. We will also collect the materials at our own cost, as we take full responsibility in these situations.

How Long Will it Take to Deliver My Luxury Italian Porcelain Tiles?

At London Stone, we pride ourselves on our fast lead times, keeping a huge variety of items in stock at any time. If an order is placed before 1pm, we can usually deliver your products the next day.

Bespoke orders need to be manufactured, so the lead times for these items can vary. For further information, speak to a member of our team.

Customers can also collect their Luxury Italian Porcelain Paving tiles from our Southern distribution centre near Heathrow, or our Northern distribution hub in Manchester.

Do You Have Any Showrooms I Can Visit?

Yes, we have eleven showroom locations around the country:

Our showrooms are conveniently located, displaying all our porcelain paving products in an aesthetically pleasing manner, allowing you to see how they might look when placed in your outdoor living space. We also offer free parking, hot and cold refreshments and free Wi-Fi, making you feel at home in every location.

The finest Italian porcelain patio tiles in a wide range of colours

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