Natural Stone Plank Paving

Plank Paving Information

Plank Paving, with its strong linear outline, adds an ultra-contemporary style that makes a sophisticated statement. We’ve selected some of our most popular paving to include in our range of linear slabs, so extending the options you have to make your space completely your own. Long, narrow paving slabs are also available as porcelain paving, greatly expanding the colour and style choices and including wood-effect plank paving.

What is plank paving?

Plank paving is made up of long, narrow slabs, reminiscent of the shape of a plank of wood. These offer the opportunity to add to paving designs detail and pattern that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Designing with narrow paving slabs

Narrow paving slabs are an extremely useful design option that allows you to manipulate the spatial impression of a paved area, as well as its energy. Placed across a narrow area, plank paving makes it seem wider and also draws the gaze to either side, slowing forward progress; laid longways along a path it can increase the illusion of length and also encourage forward progress, drawing the visitor more strongly into the space ahead. Plank paving can also be laid diagonally, introducing a completely different dynamic. A popular linear paving pattern when laying a path of narrow paving slabs is to stagger the planks, leaving their ends unmatched at the edges. This creates a dynamic outline to the path and can allow a more relaxed feel to planting. Discover more ideas and information on how to use plank paving.

Linear paving for contemporary designs and in combination with standard paving

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