Plank Paving: Contemporary Elegance with Narrow Paving Slabs

Plank Paving slabs are a modern and stylish choice for enhancing outdoor spaces with sleek lines and a contemporary feel. London Stone offer a diverse range of plank paving options, featuring narrow paving slabs that bring a unique aesthetic to gardens, patios, pathways, and more. These slabs provide a versatile solution for creating sophisticated outdoor environments, combining durability with striking visual appeal.

Types of Plank Paving

Sawn Sandstone Plank Paving: Beige Sandstone Plank Paving offers a pale, sleek and modern finish. With creamy tones and gentle natural veining, these smooth plank paving slabs are perfect for creating contemporary outdoor spaces.

Due to this material's highly porous nature, and light colouring, we strongly recommend pre-sealing this stone prior to laying. Although sealing stone will not create a forcefield against marks and stains, it will greatly help with ongoing maintenance.

Sawn Granite Plank Paving: For those who prefer a more durable option, sawn granites are a great option. For a subtle look, Dark Grey Granite Planks provide a sense of luxury and elegance to any garden. Black Granite Plank Paving, meanwhile, offers a unique, striking look that can enhance any garden.

Granite is a robust material, suitable for high-traffic areas and driveways. Sealing granite is more optional when compared with lighter, more porous materials such as a sawn sandstone, but sealing the material will certainly help when it comes to cleaning your natural stone.

Benefits of Plank Paving

1. Modern Aesthetic

Plank paving is designed to offer a clean, modern look. The long, narrow paving slabs create a streamlined appearance that complements contemporary garden designs. These slabs can be arranged in various patterns, adding a sense of dynamism and sophistication to your outdoor space.

2. Versatility

Narrow paving slabs are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for various applications. Whether you are designing a sleek patio, a stylish pathway with interlinked decorative gravel, or an eye-catching garden feature, plank paving offers the flexibility to achieve your desired look. London Stone range of colours and textures ensures that you can find the perfect match for your design vision.

3. Durability

Our plank paving slabs are crafted from high-quality materials in a 25mm thickness, ensuring they are robust and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, from heavy foot traffic to harsh weather conditions, ensuring your paving remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

Installation Tips

1. Preparing the Base

Proper preparation of the base is crucial for the successful installation of plank paving. Start by excavating the area to the required depth and lay a sub-base of compacted hardcore. This should be followed by a layer of sharp sand and cement to create a stable and level foundation for the paving slabs. Many installers use slurry primer to help bond sawn paving to the mortar bed.

We have put together this informative video to show you how to install sawn natural stone to industry standards.

2. Laying Patterns

Plank paving allows for various laying patterns, including staggered, linear, and herringbone. Choose a pattern that complements your overall garden design and enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

3. Jointing and Sealing

Jointing your narrow paving slabs with a suitable grout will ensure a professional finish and enhance the durability of your paving. We recommend using Larsen Pointing Mortar when installing our plank paving. These slabs have a sawn edge and can therefore be laid with a minimal 5mm joint, giving you a modern finish.

Sealing the slabs can provide additional protection against stains and weathering, helping to maintain their appearance over time.

Designing with Plank Paving

Narrow paving slabs are an extremely useful design option that allows you to manipulate the spatial impression of a paved area, as well as its energy. Placed across a narrow area, plank paving makes it seem wider and draws the gaze to either side, slowing forward progress; laid longways along a path it can increase the illusion of length and encourage forward progress, drawing the visitor more strongly into the space ahead.

Plank paving can also be laid diagonally, introducing a completely different dynamic. A popular linear paving pattern when laying a path of narrow paving slabs is to stagger the planks, leaving their ends unmatched at the edges. This creates a dynamic outline to the path and can allow a more relaxed feel to planting. Discover more ideas and information on how to use plank paving.

Ordering & Wastage Considerations

When handling smooth natural stone paving, be aware that minor chips on edges and corners may occur during transport. These minor imperfections are inconspicuous once the paving is installed and grouted and are not considered a defect. To ensure a smooth installation process, we advise ordering an extra 10% of material to accommodate for cuts and wastage, and to maintain consistency in colour and batch throughout your project.

For any queries that are not addressed online, feel free to reach out via our WhatsApp chat service. Our knowledgeable sales advisors are happy to assist you.


What is plank paving?

Plank paving involves the use of long, narrow paving slabs to create a sleek and modern look for outdoor spaces. These slabs can be made from various materials, including natural stone and porcelain.

Are narrow paving slabs durable and suitable for use in high-traffic areas?

Yes, London Stone's plank paving is manufactured from high-quality natural stone, designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are durable and suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic.

How do I maintain plank paving?

Maintaining plank paving is straightforward. Regular sweeping to remove debris and occasional washing with mild soapy water will keep the slabs looking their best. Depending on the material, sealing the slabs can provide additional protection against stains and weathering.

Can I use plank paving as a driveway material?

Yes, plank paving is suitable for use in a driveway application. We would recommend using granite planks for a driveway, due to their hard-wearing nature. Long, narrow paving slabs are also available as porcelain paving, expanding the colour and style choices and including wood-effect plank paving.

Can I view materials before buying?

Of course! London Stone has a nationwide network of inspirational, relaxed showrooms, where you can peruse our extensive range of hard landscaping materials.

If you cannot make it to a showroom, we have created these informative videos, which show you the surface texture and edge profile of our sawn paving materials, as well as demonstrating their appearance under wet and dry conditions.

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Granite & Sandstone Plank Paving Slabs

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