Plank Garden Paving Slabs

Modern - Sleek - Linear

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Plank Paving, with its strong linear outline, adds an ultra-contemporary edge to some of our most popular paving. Whether you choose the designers' favourite, Beige Sawn Sandstone, the understated elegance of Sawn Black Basalt or the subtle sparkle of Blue Grey Granite, it makes a sophisticated statement. Placed across a narrow area, Plank Paving makes it seem wider, while laid lengthways along a path it increases the illusion of depth. Placed diagonally, it introduces movement, particularly suitable for paths, where leaving the plank ends unmatched at the edge creates a dynamic outline.

Plank Garden Paving Slabs

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Laid in combination with larger paving sizes, Plank Paving is useful for defining different areas in the paving design and providing a quiet, up-to-the-minute alternative to setts when delineating transitional points or banding the edge of paving area. It also subtly creates a change of pace, slowing progress past a garden feature. Beige Sawn Sandstone, creamy and honed to a consistent texture, and Blue Grey Granite and Black Basalt, flamed to enhance their rich, even colouring, work particularly well with Plank Paving, where the crisp sawn edges and even mortar lines give modern settings a clean-cut precision.