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Brick pavers are an essential item for any modern garden project, used for a variety of different functions and needs. Our stunning range of paving bricks have the strength and versatility to make your outdoor space as welcoming as possible, injecting a real sense of warmth into your home.

At London Stone, we're experts at what we do, providing high-quality building materials to all our customers. As experts in our field, we're able to transform your garden space into something magical that your visitors are sure to love. With a vast range of design options on offer, we can use our clay pavers for just about anything you need.

If you'd like to make a purchase, everything can be bought through our website with ease. We also offer trade discounts for all customers working within the building and landscaping industries. All you need to do is sign up for a trade account, and you can instantly choose from our collection of brick pavers.

If you feel like you need more advice first, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

Brick Pavers: What Are They and How Can You Use Them?

Brick pavers (also known as clay pavers) have long been a preferred choice for landscape gardeners, architects, designers and builders, due to their versatility and strength. These paving slabs are crafted from clay bricks, created using a kiln. Brick pavers are one of the most common paving materials within the UK, cherished due to their stain resistant properties and minimal maintenance requirements.

Our clay pavers can be used for both commercial and residential purposes, having a wide range of uses. Some of the more common applications include:

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London Stone's Collection of Clay Brick Pavers

Our stunning range of brick pavers are crafted from natural clay, ensuring an excellent consistency for paving, especially in areas that receive a lot of erosion. Made unique by their earthy colour and texture, our durable hand-laid paving slabs add a welcoming touch of enviable charm to any modern home.

As a timeless choice, our unique brick pavers have a classic appeal, complementing any garden style and creating a custom look that you'll cherish for years to come.

Clay paving bricks are a sustainable and beautiful option for any contemporary outdoor living space. Our brick paving slabs are useful for a variety of needs, including:

More uniquely, our clay brick pavers will add character to your property, whether you want to create an all-natural fire-pit patio or plant a lush garden of vegetables. They can be used for just about anything, no matter what style you have in mind. These low-maintenance products also require minimal upkeep, making our clay paving bricks an attractive investment for your home's landscape design.

With a range of colour schemes and budgeting options available, you have a greater choice over your outdoor space. For example, our Delta Red Clay Pavers portray a traditional image, exuding a sense of warmth and homeliness. On the other hand, our premium Vulcano Clay Pavers suit both traditional gardens and contemporary landscaping designs, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our clay pavers are an elegant, beautiful way to transform your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary. Shop our extensive range today and begin the transformation of your outdoor space.

Shop our extensive range with ease through our website, and begin the transformation of your outdoor space.

Why Should You Purchase Our Clay Brick Pavers?

Our clay brick pavers are one of our top sellers, as they have a vast range of benefits, attaching character to any outdoor living space. Brick paving stones tend to have a traditional style, adding charm and sophistication to your home. However, our clay pavers also create a modern edge, ensuring a sense of style that will last long into the future.

Speaking of the future, a major advantage of using our clay brick pavers is that they are extremely durable, containing a variety of weather-resistant qualities to ensure longevity. As they're crafted in a kiln like traditional bricks, their colouring will stay fresh and bright for years to come, instead of fading.

Unlike concrete pavers, our brick alternatives are not hindered by UV lighting, ensuring their lively style remains. They're also highly durable, able to sustain huge amounts of weight and heavy footfall. This means that your high-quality pavers will be able to hold multiple cars and/or items of garden furniture, depending on where you want to place them.

Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do, as we aim to make our business as ethical as possible. Clay pavers tend to be more eco-friendly than other forms of paving, as they're made from readily-available, naturally occurring materials. This makes them perfect for our more environmentally-conscious customers.

At London Stone, we are embarking on a net zero journey, attempting to drive change within the UK landscaping industry. If you'd like to find out more about our sustainable ethos, please visit our dedicated Environment FAQ page.

Experience Timeless Beauty with Our Clay Brick Pavers

In the modern world, clay brick pavers have an enduring appeal, standing out as a testament to both tradition and innovation. These captivating paving slabs have a variety of applications, creating a world of possibilities for your outdoor living space.

At London Stone, our commitment to excellence, quality, customisation and sustainability ensures that our clay pavers are a cut above the rest, able to transform your home into something beautiful. The rich and earthy tones and textures create an unmistakable charm, suitable for any modern home. Add to that the increased durability and strength of our brick pavers, and you're sure to be satisfied.

Whether you're wanting to enhance your garden, create the perfect entertaining space or construct an elegant driveway, we will be able to help. You can get started straight away by buying your most required items through our website.

However, if you're ready to get started, all our products can be purchased directly through our website by adding your desired items to your shopping cart. To create an account, please head to our dedicated login page.


Do You Offer an Installation Service?

At present, we are not able to offer an installation service for our clay pavers. However, our handy Landscape Specialist Scheme can be used to find a suitable landscaper or garden designer in your area.

Before committing to a landscaper, it's crucial that you conduct your research to find the best person for your needs. Most reputable landscapers and garden designers will have a portfolio of work you can view, so you can work out if they're right for you. You may also want to consider getting a number of quotes from different contractors to find the best price for your installation.

What Is Your Returns Policy?

When making a purchase from London Stone, you can cancel and return your orders within 14 days of receiving them. All products can be returned within this time period, apart from bespoke items. However, all items must be returned in their original condition and packing.

If you've ordered a product and there is an issue with it, please contact us to rectify the problem. Rectifying an order issue can be difficult once your items have been installed, so it's recommended that you get in touch with us as quickly as possible.

If your product is faulty, damaged, not fit for purpose or not as described, you have a 30 day period in which to return the item. In these situations, we will also collect the materials at our own cost.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver My Items?

At London Stone, one of the things that makes us unique is our fast lead times. This means that in most cases, if an order is placed before 1pm, your products will be delivered the next day.

However, due to the nature of our products, your delivery time may be slightly longer. In these situations, we will keep you informed throughout the process, notifying you of any changes if they arise.

Do You Have Any Showrooms I Can Visit?

Yes, we currently have eleven expansive showroom locations situated around the country. At the moment, our showrooms are located in the following areas:

All of our showrooms are located in convenient sites, allowing visitors to view all our items and see how they might look when placed within your outdoor space. As well as our product displays, we also offer free parking, hot and cold refreshments, free wi-fi and big screen technology, ensuring every visit is a success.

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