We look at the advantages of using clay pavers for driveways, in comparison with concrete and tarmac, to help you decide what type of paving is best for your home.

Bexhill clay paver driveway with red car and edged with hedging.
The varied tones of Bexhill Clay Pavers help break up large expanses, making them a good choice for driveways like this one, designed by Robert Hughes.

A driveway is an important aspect of your home's exterior and is also the first thing that guests see when they arrive. Choosing the right material is crucial in determining its overall appearance, durability, and maintenance requirements.

While there are several options to choose from, clay pavers offer unique advantages over other materials. This makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their driveways.


One of the primary advantages of using clay pavers for your driveway is their durability. Clay pavers are made from natural clay, which is a sturdy and long-lasting material. Tarmac or concrete can crack or chip over time, but clay pavers are able to withstand heavy loads and remain intact for many years.

Additionally, clay pavers are less prone to fading and discolouration compared to other driveway materials. Find out more about why clay pavers are better than concrete.

Part of Delta Blue Brown Clay Pavers driveway with wall and planted border
Delta Blue Brown Clay Pavers, with their modern dimensions, smooth appearance and mix of colours, add character to this driveway.


Another advantage of clay pavers is their attractive appearance. Clay pavers come in a variety of colours and sizes, making it easy to find a style that complements your home's exterior. Additionally, clay pavers are available in a choice of finishes, giving you the ability to choose a surface texture that suits your taste and preferences. With clay pavers, you can create a stunning and eye-catching driveway that adds kerb appeal to your home.

Low maintenance requirements

Clay pavers are low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking for a hassle-free solution for their driveway. Unlike asphalt or concrete, which may require periodic sealing and filling of cracks, clay pavers usually only need to be cleaned with a hose or a light pressure-wash from time to time.

Gromo Antica clay pavers driveways with curved laying pattern in front of cream-coloured house.
Gromo Antica clay pavers provide a dramatic sweep to this driveway, thanks to the choice of laying pattern by Karl Harrison Landscapes. We don't normally recommend lighter coloured pavers for driveways, as they're likely to need cleaning more often, but homeowner circumstances and sentiments mean this isn't a fast rule.


Clay pavers are an eco-friendly option for homeowners who are looking for a sustainable solution for their driveway. Unlike concrete, which is made from cement, a highly energy-intensive material, clay pavers are made from natural clay that is abundant and easily recyclable.

Variety of Designs

While there are plenty of paving options for driveways, clay pavers offer a variety of design options that make it easy to create a unique and customised look for your driveway. With clay pavers, you can choose from a variety of laying patterns, including herringbone, basketweave, and running bond, to create a truly one-of-a-kind look for your driveway. Additionally, clay pavers can be used to create curves and other custom shapes, which allows you to create a truly personalised and custom driveway.

With clay pavers, you can create a stunning, long-lasting, and low maintenance driveway that adds kerb appeal and value to your home. So if you're upgrading your driveway, take a look at our wide range of clay pavers for a durable, attractive, and eco-friendly solution.