Clay pavers are a stunning choice of material for your garden project. Versatile and attractive, they are one of the oldest and most trusted choices for paving. But how do they hold up against an industry favourite – concrete block paving?

Our Delta Red Clay Pavers are used to create an impressive red brick pathway.
Delta Red Clay Pavers

Colour fastness

Once you have invested time and money finding the perfect product for your scheme, you want to be sure it will stand the test of time.

When it comes to clay pavers, you can be sure of the colour fastness. Their rich, natural colouring comes from the clays selected and the manufacturing process. Kiln drying bakes the colour permanently into the materials.

Concrete pavers could not be more different. One of the biggest disappointments with concrete block paving is that it fades. Dye is added to concrete during processing to give it its colour. This dye can quickly be bleached by the sunlight.


One of the key factors of clay paving is its longevity. You can see the extensive lifespan of brick paving all around you. Not only will paving bricks last for a long time in situ, but when the scheme is changed, the life of the pavers is not yet over. Clay paving can be reclaimed, laid again in other schemes, or those that are damaged can be crushed up as aggregate.

Our Delta Blue Brown Clay Pavers are a durable choice for this driveway.
Delta Blue Brown Clay Pavers


The fact that clay weathers beautifully is another contributing factor in their longevity. Their stunning colours lend themselves perfectly to classic schemes that only get better over time. In comparison, concrete block paving deteriorates. Harsh weather conditions will start to wear the fine sands away from the body of the concrete. As the sand wears away, stone particles are exposed, leaving a dull-looking paving.


The safety of your scheme should always be a consideration during the planning stage. When compared directly, clay pavers have a better slip-rating than concrete, wet or dry.

Our Red Clay Block Paving make a statement in this driveway and path.
Delta Red Clay Pavers

Value for money

One advantage of concrete block paving is it is seemingly cheaper compared to clay. However, this does not consider the many advantages of the qualities of clay pavers mentioned previously.

Consider which will save you money over the lifespan of your project. Take into consideration the construction and material cost for replacing your concrete sooner then you would need to for clay.

Dimensional Tolerance

Another advantage of concrete is that all the blocks are the same size. This frequently makes them a favoured choice for modern design. However, clay pavers come in a variety of styles, and you'll find ranges with crisp edges and a narrow format that slip easily into a modern setting. Meanwhile, for many, the tolerance on sizing is an advantage, retaining the classic feel of clay that is part of its attraction.

Clay paving is ideal for driveways. Concrete block paving is a very popular choice for these situations. Why not start exploring clay pavers with our Delta collection, which have a similar look? Shop the range here.