Wood Effect Porcelain Paving

Wood Effect Porcelain Paving Information

Wood effect porcelain paving combines the warm tones and interesting grain of timber with the crisp edges of precisely manufactured porcelain. This adds a contemporary feel and allows you to enjoy the beauty of wood in settings where real timber might look too rustic. In comparison with real timber, which needs regular attention to maintain its good looks, wood effect paving slabs also offer the low-maintenance benefits of porcelain. Our selection of wood effect porcelain is available in matching steps and coping stones for a complete solution to a multi-levelled garden design.

Laying Our Wood-Effect Porcelain Paving

Wood effect porcelain paving slabs come in 1200x300x20mm plank format. This not only makes them look more natural, but also offers the chance to create dynamic laying patterns. For example, laying the planks in a herringbone pattern can add visual interest and create a sense of movement in a space.

The elongated shape of the slabs is an ideal choice when you want a paving pattern to lead the eye into a garden, as the long linear tiles draw the gaze. Alternatively lay the planks at right angles to the flow to draw the attention to areas to either side. The direction of lay can help make a space feel longer or wider than it is, thanks to the planks’ long, narrow format.

Is Wood Effect Porcelain High Maintenance?

No. It has exactly the same maintenance requirements as other porcelain tiles, which are very few. Porcelain wood effect paving slabs award your design the beauty and character of real wood without the need to apply wood preservative. They should be brushed regularly to remove surface dirt and debris, and will benefit from a clean with a proprietary solution twice a year. Whereas real wood is prone to become slippery, especially in damp conditions and shady areas, where algae can gain a foothold, wood effect porcelain removes this worry. Its very low porosity means that it retains a good slip rating even in the wet and is suitable for swimming-pool surrounds and damp areas.

For an organic, natural feel, without the high-maintenance needs of timber

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