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Stone Garden Steps

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London Stone offers a market-leading range of off-the-shelf and bespoke Stone Steps. Bring distinction to your entrance or unite the design of your multi-level outdoor space with our wide selection. Our off-the-shelf options include nine different Sawn Sandstones, alongside Limestone and Granite, all with a minimum thickness of 30mm, finished with our signature bullnose edge profile, giving timeless detail to both contemporary and traditional designs. Off-the-shelf Riven Stone Steps are available in our popular Indian Sandstones, with rock-faced edges ideal for rustic settings, as well as being available in Slate, with a bullnosed edge. The bullnosed long edge of our step treads creates contrast by casting a shadow on the riser beneath. The alternating dark and light tones, a classic detail in step design, not only give your Sawn Steps definition, but increase safety by throwing treads into relief. It also injects a sculptural element that brings out the beauty in your natural paving. All our Sawn Steps are accurately cut on six sides to a robust 30 or 40mm thickness, then bullnosed on the long edge, and have a comfortable 500mm tread depth. These design-friendly dimensions give a reassuring air of substance to entrances, pool surrounds and wall copings.