DesignBoard Decking - Grooved

Grooved DesignBoard Composite Decking Information

Grooved DesignBoard is manufactured from a decking composite with a distinctive character. Its deeply textured surface creates subtle bands of light and shadow across the surface, which increase the boards’ linear character. The grooved decking is supplied in design-versatile 3600mm lengths, allowing seamless continuity of line. This Grooved DesignBoard also has a Brushed surface on the reverse side, giving you the option of incorporating contrasting textures into your design.

Is composite decking slippery?

This is a frequent concern for homeowners, especially any that have experienced the slipperiness of traditional timber decking. Composite decking is generally less slippery than timber as the polymers or resins used resist moisture. However, the slip resistance of decking composites varies according to the product, its surface textures and its constituent materials. To increase slip-resistance, manufacturers may incorporate anti-slip features such as grooves or embossed patterns. These can improve grip and provide better traction underfoot.

DesignBoard Grooved Decking – inbuilt slip-resistance

All our DesignBoard decking composite ranges offer very good slip-resistance. However, these grooved deck boards, with their highly textured surface, have the highest rating, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind when choosing it to surround swimming pools and hot tubs.

Affordable decking boards with a grooved finish for a linear feel

From £45.00 per m² + VAT
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