Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard Composite Decking

This year we have introduced exciting new Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard Composite Decking ranges. The ranges feature four colours that can be laid on either side.

The range

Our ranges of Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard Composite Decking are unique. On one side of the decking the surface has a brushed finish, and on the other side it’s grooved. This offers you exciting opportunities and potential when redesigning your decking.

Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard

Warm Teak Grooved DesignBoard will add a slightly more rustic, real timber feel to schemes

The colour options

The composite decking boards are available in four varying colours: Pebble Grey, Warm Teak, Dark Ash and Chestnut.

Pebble Grey has a combination of light grey and gunmetal grey tones, blended by subtle flecks. The grey tones of these decking boards are the ideal choice if you are looking to create a neutral backdrop that allows bold features to take centre stage.

Warm teak will bring a more rustic, aged feel to the garden. Use this colour to create a traditional feel in the garden with modern materials.

Dark Ash has an authentic feel and bears close resemblance to traditional timber. If you love the beauty of natural wood but not the drawbacks of ongoing maintenance, this is the decking for you.

Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard

The brushed surface finish of the DesignBoard decking will add a sense of elegance into your garden

Finally, Chestnut blends reddish browns with greys and blacks for a beautiful blend of tones. These boards will bring warmth to your garden and are the perfect choice for a cosy space, ideal for garden entertaining.

With four distinctive colours in the collection there is sure to be a design to match your project.

What makes Brushed DesignBoard Composite Decking unique?

The brushed side of these decking boards have incredibly detailed, fine lines running parallel down them. It’s these fine lines that give the boards their distinctive appearance. This face of the board will add movement and interest to your garden project. The brushed side’s details bring a more organic feel to the board. When designing your garden, consider pairing these boards with plenty of exciting planting as the perfect complement.

Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard

Dark Ash DesignBoard - perfect for round the pool - can help achieve a minimalist feel to your design

What makes Grooved DesignBoard Composite Decking unique?

The grooved side of the decking board features shallow, yet distinctive cuts in the surface. The cuts are what produce the grooved effect. The grooves give a stylish feel and will bring instant luxury to your garden. The elegant finish adds definition and character, a winning combination for any garden. The grooves also mean that the boards are slip resistant; perfect if you have a pool.

Why you should go composite

Like other composite decking, both the brushed and grooved side of this decking is easy to maintain. Composite materials require much lower maintenance than natural wood, giving you more time to just enjoy your garden. With DesignBoard composite decking you only need to clean it every 3-4 months. To clean your decking, you simply need to use a jet wash, or a brush and soapy water. For those more stubborn stains we are on hand to help you, or take a look at our product guide.

Brushed and Grooved DesignBoard

Pebble Grey Grooved DesignBoard has stylish grooves along each board, helping to add movement and interest into a decked area

Composite Decking has the beauty and authentic feel of natural wood but with several additional benefits. It is hard-wearing and durable - so a great choice in areas that receive a lot of traffic. Rot-proof, warp resistant, non-slip, and algae proof so you can confidently use the boards in areas that are prone to getting wet.


The installation of these boards is easy, you will only need a few simple tools. The boards use a simple clipping system for an easy installation. As required, you can cut the boards down to size in the same way that you would cut timber boards. Before installing, have a read of our handy installation guide that will provide you with everything that you need to know.

Browse the ranges now on our e-commerce site or speak to a member of the sales team for more information.

Published 20th August 2020
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