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Garden edging is a practical way of separating part of a garden from another, whilst also creating a stylish aspect to garden design. Garden edging can keep different types of plant separate; the most common being to keep plants separate from grass or to define paths and walkways. Lawn edging can help prevent the spread of grass and weeds into the flower bed or create a border between plants and walkways to help prevent weeds disrupting the paths foundations. Lawn edging will create crisp lines between the different sections of the garden. A well-defined edge will give the garden a profession and groomed appearance. Using natural stones can be the perfect option when contrasted with bright plants. Wood will give a rustic appearance that is perfect for small gardens. Metal will bring a modern touch for a luxury that lasts. When designing lawn edging ideas keep in mind the general climate of the garden, in particular where the intended location for the edging will be. Different types of garden environments may determine which type of material to use for edging. Similarly, the intended use of the edging may influence which material to use. For example, a garden that curves or will have sharp angles will need a different lawn edging than one that runs in straight lines.