Our wide range of Limestone Paving is chosen especially for its quality, the ability to withstand our variable British weather, and its relative ease of maintenance. It offers huge versatility. Limestones include the highly revered Portland Stone, adding timeless elegance to grand entrances, and the more rustic Kota Brown limestone for more traditional settings. Limestone paving also offers a wide range of surface finishes, from the unique beauty of Jura Beige limestone’s embedded fossils and shells to the relaxed look of Antique Yellow.
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Kota Blue Limestone Paving
Kota Blue
Kota Brown Limestone Paving
Kota Brown
Midnight Black Limestone Paving
Midnight Black
Antique Yellow Limestone Paving
Antique Yellow
Graphite Grey Limestone Paving
Graphite Grey
Jura Grey Limestone Paving
Jura Grey Limestone
Jura Beige Limestone Paving
Jura Beige Limestone
Portland Stone Paving
Portland Stone Paving
Black Limestone Setts
Black Limestone Setts
Jura Green Limestone Paving
Jura Green Limestone
Limestone paving has something for almost every budget. Limestone setts are an economical choice, ideal for high-traffic areas. The Kota Blue and Brown, though riven, both split to a fairly even surface, creating the impression of a more expensive paving. Some limestones on the market are unsuitable for the British weather. This is because they are softer and can be damaged by the acid rain that falls in the UK. London Stone selects Kota, Jura limestone is known for its durability. It’s worth remembering, however, that acidic cleaning products should never be used on any limestone paving.