Limestone Paving

Limestone Paving Information

Riven limestone paving offers a good variety of colour and finish. From the relaxed look of Antique Yellow to the sleek consistency of Midnight Black, limestone brings cool elegance or rustic warmth to paving projects. Riven limestone paving with hand-cut edges suits traditional schemes, while even colouring and the crisp modernity of sawn edges are a popular choice for contemporary designs. Limestone paving has something for almost every budget. Kota Blue and Brown, for example, are riven limestones that split to an even surface, creating the impression of a more expensive paving.

Is limestone good for patios?

Yes, limestone paving offers colours that can’t be found in other materials like sandstone, and has a refined, elegant appearance. It’s a good choice for many patios. However, in full sun its colour will gradually fade, so if your patio faces south you might prefer to choose sandstone, granite or slate. An alternative is to apply a colour-enhancing sealant. If you wish to retain Black Limestone’s depth of colour, a colour-enhancing sealant should always be used.

Choosing limestone paving

It's worth noting that some limestones on the market are unsuitable for the British weather. This is because they are softer and can be damaged by the acid rain that falls in the UK. Our wide range of limestone paving is chosen especially for its dense quality, the ability to withstand our variable British weather, and its relative ease of maintenance.

Can I use vinegar or baking soda to clean limestone paving?

Acidic cleaning products should never be used on any limestone, as they react with the stone and cause permanent, unsightly damage. We recommend using a proprietary cleaner that is safe for limestone. Find more information on how to clean natural stone patios.

Riven limestone slabs with an even split for a smooth contemporary look in natural stone

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