Which is the best paving sealer for your Indian sandstone patio, porcelain paving or indoor surfaces? Read our quick rundown of the sealers we’ve found to be ideal for our products.

Dover Grey sawn sandstone steps up to pool surround, sealed with Stain Proof patio sealer
Steps and pool surrounds are heavy use areas that benefit from sealant. Here Graduate Landscapes chose Dove Grey sawn sandstone.

Dry Treat Stain-Proof Natural Stone and Porcelain Sealers

We carried out our own extensive tests of various sealants available and, in our experience, Dry Treat offers superior performance. Their formula impregnates the surface of the stone more deeply than other sealers and offers longer-lasting protection. For this reason, we always recommend Dry Treat products.

Some other benefits of Dry Treat paving sealers:

  • Prevent/reduce efflorescence, as water carrying the minerals that cause efflorescence cannot get close to the surface.
  • Prevent/reduce freeze/thaw spalling. The sealant repels moisture from above, but also prevents water seeping up from underneath, so protecting the surface of the stone.
  • Reduce algae growth ingrained into the stone.


Dry Treat STAIN-PROOF paving sealant, from London Stone

Dry Treat Stain-Proof Premium Impregnation Sealer

This is our most popular paving sealant. It’s formulated with molecules that migrate through the pores in the surface of the natural stone paving and find sites to bond to through a chemical reaction. It’s a gradual process over three to four weeks, with oil and water repellency increasing significantly as the treatment cures. Included in the formulation are modified silane molecules that are hundreds of times smaller than the best competitor fluorocarbon/siloxane stone sealers. It can, therefore, penetrate stone that others can’t, such as polished granite.

It is suitable for most natural stones, including limestone, and can be used for patios, swimming pool surrounds, floors, walls, garages, kitchens, showers and countertops. 

It can be used indoors and out, and is applied in two coats (sometimes three on a highly porous surface) with a low-pressure hand spray, brush or similar. It is weatherproof within 8-10 hours and can be walked on 24 hours after application.

Minimum coverage is around 6-12m2 per litre, depending on the porosity of the stone, and it carries a 15-year warranty when applied by an accredited expert.

Average coverage rates

  • Portland Limestone 5mper litre
  • Sandstone 6mper litre
  • Limestone 7mper litre
  • Granite/Basalt 8mper litre
  • Slate 12mper litre

Please note, these figures allow for the two coats required as part of the application process.

Diagram showing penetration of Dry Treat Stain Proof into paving slab
London Stone always recommend Dry Treat products. We have carried out extensive tests of various sealants available on the market and, in our experience, Dry Treat offers a superior performance. It penetrates deeper into the surface of the stone, offering longer-lasting protection.

Dry Treat Stain Proof Porcelain and Quartz Sealer

This impregnating paving sealer, formerly known as Porcelain Plus, is specifically aimed at Porcelain and Quartz, with nano-sized molecules that can penetrate the micropores in the paving surface. It’s designed for dense paving with low absorption rates and offers long-lasting protection that will hold up to commercial cleaners and equipment. When applied it is invisible and doesn’t form a film, so it doesn’t interfere with surface friction.

It's suitable for all sorts of porcelain, including through body porcelains (such as our Italian ranges), textured porcelain, matte, glazed, multi-glazed, polished and semi-polished porcelains. It also protects grout joints.

Applied as a single coat to finished tiles and grout, it may also be used as a pre-sealer before grouting, to help remove excess grout. Minimum coverage is around 40m2, and may be more depending on the chosen paving. Applied by an accredited expert, it carries a 10-year warranty.

Container of Dry Treat Stain Proof colour enhancing sealant

Dry Treat Stain Proof Colour Enhancing Sealer

This impregnating, colour-enhancing sealant, formerly known as Dry Treat Intensifia, is aimed at natural stone, brick and concrete. Colour enhancement is visible immediately. Maximum water and oil repellence is reached after around three weeks’ curing time.

Even outdoors under UV light, it offers long-lasting colour protection. Water and oil repellency will last five years, with a 5-year warranty when applied by an accredited applicator. The longevity of colour enhancement depends on material and location, and the paving sealer can be applied at any time to a cleaned surface, to re-enhance. Unlike with topical sealants, there is no need to strip back.

Coverage ranges from 4-12m2, depending on the paving material.

Planted bed obscures paved area of Beige sawn sandstone paving and coping pre-sealed with Dry Treat patio sealer.
The Beige sawn sandstone slabs, steps and coping in this project by Assured Landscapes was sealed inhouse with Dry Treat paving sealer before delivery.

Don't forget to ask the experts

So, there you have it. This is only a quick overview of our different sealants but we hope it gives you a clearer idea of the best paving sealer for your needs.

Don't forget that you can get your paving sealed before delivery to the site with our pre-sealing service. As we are a Dry Treat Stain Proof accredited applicator, it will be covered by the warranties mentioned above.

If you’re in any doubt, do discuss the options with us, as we may spot something you haven't thought of. Our in-house pre-sealing service means that we have lots of experience with these products which we're happy to pass on to you.

Post updated: June 2023