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To properly enjoy an outdoor space, good garden drainage is essential. We stock a range of products. A drainage channel or a manhole will enable good garden drainage. The following guidelines are brief tips on how to install a patio drainage channel. Firstly, plan the drainage, decide where it is going to be installed and where it is going to discharge. Next create a trench. Dig a trench in the ground that is deep enough for the channel drain to fit neatly and reach the surface. Allow space for the application of concrete. It is then time to assemble the drainage. Prepare the correct lengths of drainage ready for installation, along with any other components required. Add the layer of concrete into the trench that has been dug. The concrete should be 100mm thick in the bottom of the trench. If the drainage is in an area that will receive only pedestrian traffic, then compacted fill can be used in the place of concrete. Finally, insert the drainage channel. Carefully lower the assembled drainage into the prepared trench. The outlet should connect with the drainpipe to seal the drain. Press the drainage into the trench using a mallet. Once the drainage has all been inserted add backfill or concrete around the channel run.

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