Yorkstone Garden Steps

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Used extensively throughout London and the UK, Yorkstone steps carry both prestige and high-quality durability that will improve the appearance of any scheme. Cut in-house with a +/-2mm tolerance, and finished by our skilful stone masons to your exacting specification, Yorkstone steps are available in the warm, red-brown tones of Britannia Buff, and the blue-grey coolness of Grey Yorkstone. London Stone are proud to work with a material that carries with it such historical prominence in the UK. Yorkstone steps have been adorning the front of properties in towns and cities across the United Kingdom for centuries, and show no sign of slowing-down.

Yorkstone Garden Steps

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Favoured for their relative low-maintenance, when compared with modern sawn sandstone alternatives, Yorkstone steps are often finished with a traditional – and timelessly stylish – bullnose edge profile. More contemporary designs may suit a pencil round or chamfered edge profile to give a more modern finish. Drip grooves underneath profiled edges can also help to protect the tread itself from rain water ingress. We recommend pre-sealing sawn Yorkstone steps to enable easier cleaning and furthering the steps’ longevity. Available in varying thicknesses, from 38 to 200mm.