Premium Italian Porcelain Slabs

The Appeal of Premium Porcelain Paving

Within our Premium range of porcelain slabs, you'll find the most popular choices across our entire porcelain paving collection. It's easy to see why these tiles are so beloved by our customers.

The colours in our Premium porcelain paving range have been designed to replicate natural stone, with a realism that has to be seen to be believed. Offering versatility and authenticity to all modern garden designs, our Premium porcelain blends effortlessly into a variety of garden settings, while still offering all the benefits and reliability of porcelain slabs.

Italian Quality at Its Finest

Manufactured in Italy by Caesar Stone, our Premium porcelain still offers the same quality you would expect from a London Stone porcelain product, despite having a lower price point than our Luxury Italian porcelain tiles.

This means that you can be confident that our porcelain tiles will stand the test of time. We're confident too, which is why all our porcelain paving comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

Affordable Luxury Within Your Grasp

The opportunity to stretch your budget further is one of the main benefits of using our Premium porcelain range. Whilst these patio tiles are manufactured in the same way, with the high-quality raw ingredients, as our Luxury range, the Premium range's affordability stems from a more limited number of colours and finishes available. Our Premium range gives you the opportunity to plan your garden project with greater economy, enjoying all the qualities of Luxury Italian porcelain tiles - but at a Premium price point.

Popular with Landscapers and Garden Designers Across the UK

When exterior porcelain first came into the British market, prices were high - especially for quality Italian products. Knowing that our customers were looking for more affordability, we launched our Premium porcelain slabs in 2019. The range was immediately popular, and we have since expanded the number of products available to offer more choice.

Read more about our Premium porcelain launch and the colour options available in the range.

Bespoke Porcelain Slabs Created Just For You

Listening to our customers gave us a clear understanding of what styles and colours were missing from the market. Our clients were seeking affordable paving with character, as well as a natural appearance that was suitable for a variety of design styles.

These unique customer insights led to the creation of the Florence porcelain collection. Working closely with our Italian manufacturer, Caesar, to develop this range, we started out with three colours - Florence Beige, Florence Grey and Florence White - each one designed to emulate Portuguese limestone. Our Florence selection also has its own distinctive pillow-edge profile, an unusual and subtle detail that softens the edge of the paving and enhances its natural appearance. Florence Storm and Florence Dark were added to the range later to offer darker options for our customers.

We have since added many more products to the Florence range, which you can browse at your leisure before making a decision.

Our collection of Premium porcelain paving tiles also gives you the opportunity to design with our Jura options. Jura limestone is an iconic natural stone quarried from the Bavarian region of Germany - it's a firm favourite with garden designers and landscapers. The quality of the material is matched only by the price tag, which places Jura limestone beyond the budget of many projects. Following extensive collaboration, Caesar created a range of Jura Grey and Jura Beige porcelain slabs. With a striking resemblance to real Jura limestone, they bring the beauty of this distinguished material to a broader range of clients, due to its budget-conscious price point.

The Advantages of Using Porcelain Slabs Over Natural Stone

While sandstone, limestone and slate have traditionally been the top choice for garden patios and paths, porcelain paving is now increasingly becoming the first port of call for homeowners and garden designers.

This is largely because the advantages of porcelain fit perfectly with our preference for low-maintenance products and materials.

A Consistent Colour Scheme

Most modern gardens demand consistently coloured paving materials. One of the key features of natural stone paving is the colour variation, as every slab can be different.

However, porcelain paving (while manufactured to include a certain number of differently patterned slabs within one colour) never throws up a maverick, meaning that every porcelain slab conforms to your expectations of colour, markings and texture.

The advantages can be seen in Slab Coke and Slab Khaki, two texturally evenly matched options in our Premium range. Their saturated tones add richness to a patio, suiting both contemporary and traditional garden designs. You can see this effect in 2-tone paving, when variable colours would otherwise spoil the effect.

Fade-Proof Magic

Over time, a small amount of colour change can be expected of any paving exposed to full sun. However, porcelain slabs are manufactured with UV-resistant colours, which makes them virtually fade-proof. This compares favourably with limestone, which can fade noticeably over a few years.

Even better is that our porcelain tiles are non porous, stain-proof and frost-proof, requiring minimal maintenance over the years. Find out more about the benefits of using porcelain in our blog.

Easy to Clean

In comparison with most natural stone products, porcelain is easier to keep clean. As it's extremely dense and absorbs very little moisture, porcelain naturally repels stains and general dirt.

Our Luxury, Budget and Premium porcelain paving ranges have an impressively low water-absorption rate of 0.01% - one of the best on the market. A jet wash is generally all you need to bring porcelain slabs back to their just-laid look.

Find out how to clean porcelain patio tiles for more information.


Do You Offer an Installation Service For Your Premium Porcelain Patio Tiles?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an installation service for our Premium Italian porcelain paving. However, if you're struggling to find a suitable landscaper or garden designer in your area, our Landscape Specialist Scheme may be useful.

If you're unsure of the credentials of your chosen designer, we recommend asking to see a portfolio of their previous work, to ensure they're suitable for your needs. We also advise getting quotations from different companies, so you can find the most affordable price for the installation of your Premium porcelain slabs.

Can I Return My Premium Porcelain Slabs?

We understand that sometimes people change their minds. When purchasing your Budget Italian porcelain pavers from London Stone, you have the right to cancel your order and return your items within 14 days of delivery. The only exception to this is bespoke and pre-sealed items. Please note that your patio slabs must be returned in their original condition and packing.

If there is an issue with your porcelain tiles, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can put the situation right for you. Rectifying order issues is often more difficult once your Premium porcelain slabs have been installed, so we recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

If your patio tiles are faulty, damaged, not fit for purpose or not as described, you have a 30-day period in which to return them. We will also collect the materials at our own cost, taking full responsibility in these rare situations.

How Long Will it Take to Deliver My Premium Italian Porcelain Tiles?

At London Stone, we pride ourselves on our fast lead times, keeping a huge variety of porcelain slabs in stock at any time. If an order is placed before 1pm, we can usually deliver your Premium paving products the next day.

Bespoke orders need to be manufactured before shipping, so the lead times for these items can vary. For further information about our bespoke services, please speak to a member of our team.

Customers can also collect their porcelain slabs from our Southern distribution centre near Heathrow, or our Northern distribution hub in Manchester.

Do You Have Any Showrooms I Can Visit?

Yes, we have eleven showroom locations based around the country:

Our showrooms are conveniently located, displaying all our porcelain paving products in an aesthetically pleasing manner, allowing you to see how your Premium porcelain paving might look when placed in your outdoor living space. We also offer free parking, hot and cold refreshments and free Wi-Fi, making you feel at home in every location.

High-quality Italian porcelain tiles at surprisingly affordable prices

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