Stone & Porcelain Edge Profiles

Precise - Enhancing - Complete

From £7.61 per lin m + VAT

A bespoke Edge Profile adds a finishing touch to your natural stone. Applied to the edges of Step Treads, Coping Stones, Pool Surrounds and Pier Caps, it not only draws your eye to the beauty within the stone, but ensures that it perfectly suits its surroundings. London Stone offer Edge Profiles to suit all design styles, from Chamfered or Pencil Rounded edges, which work well within contemporary designs, to Victorian and Edwardian profiles which complement period properties. All our Edge Profiles are cut in-house by our skilled stonemasons, who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a perfectly even finish.

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Edge Profiles serve a practical purpose too. The rounded-off edges protect anyone unfortunate enough to overbalance against them and who might otherwise cut themselves on a sharp corner. They also protect the stone itself from being chipped and damaged, especially when freshly cut. We strongly recommend including a Drip Groove in your Edge Profile. Applied to the underside of wall copings, the groove protects the underside of the stone and the wall itself from excess dampness, by preventing water from running off onto the brickwork.