Porcelain, Stone & Clay Paving

  1. Porcelain Paving: Pros and Cons

    16th April 2024
  2. Are Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Slippery? How To Take Care of Your Porcelain Paving

    11th April 2024
  3. What Is Vitrified Porcelain Paving?

    21st March 2024
  4. The Best Patio Cleaner For Your Stone and Porcelain Paving

    18th March 2024
  5. Do Porcelain Tiles Need Sealing?

    27th February 2024
  6. How to Cut Porcelain Slabs

    27th February 2024
  7. Patio Brick Designs: How to Use Our New Stone Pavers

    20th February 2024
  8. How to Lay Porcelain Slabs

    30th January 2024
  9. Can You Use Porcelain Tiles Outdoors?

    30th January 2024
  10. The Colours of Indian Sandstone

    18th May 2023
  11. Laying Slabs on a Concrete Base - Is It a Good Idea?

    15th April 2023
  12. Project Porcelain Garden Tiles - Quality and Value for Money

    4th April 2023

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The corner stone of London Stone, Porcelain, Stone & Clay Paving is something we know a lot about. Within these blog pages we share our knowledge with you. Here you will find information on sealing and pre-sealing, when to do this, what types of stone will benefit from this and much more. We also have plenty of cleaning tips and aftercare information to help you keep your stone looking its best long after installation. Each Porcelain, Stone & Clay Paving is unique in its own way. With so many different colours and finished to choose from it is hard to know which is the right one for you. Therefore we have written in depth blogs into many of our popular stone paving choices. Helping you know which is the right one for you. Did you know that we also offer bespoke options for our Porcelain, Stone & Clay Paving? Have a look at some of the impressive structures that our team has created in the past and explore the gardens they are situated in. Over the years our natural stone has featured in several show gardens. Explore those gardens a little more and perhaps find some inspiration for your next project. We have plenty more design tips for you as well. Whether your space is large or small, modern, or traditional, we have some insight to help you get creative. We can also help you choose the right steps or coping stones to use in your design. So grab a coffee, sit down and get inspired browsing our natural stone blogs.