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Its day 9 on site in Warrington with The Original Stone Paving Co.  London Stone have been given exclusive access to a high specification natural stone paving installation, warts and all.  We have been passively observing activities on site since day 1 of the project and the transformation in the space of just 9 days has been remarkable.  The Black Basalt Sawn Paving edging strips are in and we are now seeing the main body of Silver Grey Granite Tegular Paving going down.  This paving will be taking vehicular traffic so it is very important that the paving is laid to a strong specification.

Clean Lines Provided By Using Sawn Edged Paving

Clean Lines Provided By Using Sawn Edged Paving


Birds Eye View Of Silver Grey Granite Paving Driveway

Laying a driveway in natural stone is a different process to laying a standard patio in garden paving.  A driveway needs to be laid on top of a very strong subbase of MOT type 1, a minimum of 150mm is required.  This subbase then needs to be compacted using a compacter plate, known in the trade as a whacker plate.  It is also essential that the paving material is laid on a full bed of mortar.  The Original Stone Paving Co will be using a 4 parts sharp sand:  1 part cement semi dry mix to lay the Granite Paving on.  Look at the side profile of the next photo and you will see that the granite is laid on a full bed of mortar.   If natural stone paving is not fully supported from underneath it is liable to crack, especially on a driveway.


Driveway Paving Must Be Laid On A Full Bed Of Mortar

Now that the preperation work has been completed and the edging strips have been set in the paving can be laid quickly.  On any type of paving project there will be a person responsible for laying the stone.  This will usually be the most skilled person on site and it is important that this person focuses soley on laying just the stone.  It will be the labourers job to make sure that the layer has a regular supply of bedding layer and paving material close to hand.  The following photo shows all the Granite Paving laid out in neatly stacked piles.  This will mean that the layer will always have stone within easy reach.  A common phrase in the construction industry made by skilled tradesmen is "you are only as good as your labourer".  This is very true and undelines the importance of the whole team on site and not just the skilled people.

Granite Paving is arranged for the convenience of the skilled layer


Thats all for today.  For any information on London Stone or The Original Stone Paving Co, dont hesitate to get in touch with me.

By London Stone Blog | Published 5th July 2012
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