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Beautiful plants in complementary garden planters are a quick way to spruce up your garden and add much needed life and colour. Here is everything you need to know to create stunning planters. Firstly, plan the structure; you should consider the eventual height, shape and growth of the plants and purchase planters that are best suited. Most plants will either grow upright, broad or trailing; the most vibrant planters will contain at least one of each type, or alternatively place just one feature plant in the planter. Next consider the growing conditions, think about where the pot will be located and select plants best suited to those conditions. It is also important to combine plants with similar moisture requirements in the same garden planter. Think about the eventual sizes of the leaves and the surface texture of the plants you have selected and how the textures will contrast. Finally, for a visually impressive outdoor planter, be bold with the colour. Vibrant colours will generate energy and excitement. Now you know how to create sensational pots and planters, shop our full range and get started.