Corten Steel is a popular material for garden design due to its unique and natural rust patina that develops over time. At London Stone we offer Corten steel trough planters in a range of sizes to suit different outdoor spaces. We look at how to use them.

Metal trough planter in Corten Steel on paving, against open slatted fence panel.
This Corten steel tall trough planter complements the linear character of the open slatted fencing behind in a design by Gadsden Gardens.

Factors to consider when choosing metal trough planters

  • Size of planter to match the size of plants and area in which it will be placed.
  • Style and design of the planter to match the look of your garden.

Use Corten trough planters to...

  • Create stunning displays of flowers and plants.
  • Provide a focal point for your garden.
  • Define a pathway or boundary between different areas of your outdoor space.

Advantages of Corten Steel trough planters

  • Low-maintenance and durable.
  • Beautiful and distinctive look that will complement any garden design.
Metal trough planter 800x400x400 in Corten Steel, filled with tall flowering plants, sitting on gravel.
Our Cube trough planter 800x400x400mm, filled with airy planting.

Placement of metal planters

  • As focal points in large outdoor spaces.
  • In smaller gardens, patios or balconies.
  • Along pathways or used to define boundaries between different areas of your outdoor space.

Find more styling tips and information on our Corten steel planters. Corten Steel trough planters offer a beautiful and practical solution for your garden design. Choose the right size and style of planter to match your outdoor space and the look of your garden, and use it to create stunning displays of flowers and plants or to provide a focal point. With their low-maintenance and durable qualities, our metal trough planters will add a beautiful and distinctive touch to your outdoor space.