Clay block paving has been used for centuries; outdoor porcelain only in recent years. Yet, together they make the perfect partnership. We explain why.

Delta Light Multi Clay Block Paving and Nuage Porcelain Plank Paving in back garden with water bowl and exotic planting.
Delta Light Multi clay block paving makes a striking combination with Nuage, a wood-effect porcelain, in this textured garden by Floral and Hardy.
  • Durability: Both clay pavers and porcelain are known for their durability and resistance to weathering, making them ideal for outdoor use in a garden design.
  • Aesthetics: Clay pavers come in a range of colours, textures and shapes, providing a natural, earthy look, while porcelain outdoor paving has a crisp, modern appearance. Combining the two materials can create an interesting and visually appealing contrast in your garden design.
  • Versatility: Clay block paving and porcelain can be used in a variety of ways - from paths and patios to retaining walls and borders. This versatility lets you create a unique, personalised garden design that suits your specific needs and tastes.
Amersham Clay Block Paving in interlinked paving design with Ash Beige porcelain. Planted border and slatted fencing.
This Amersham clay block paving makes a dark and textural contrast with Ash Beige porcelain in a back garden patio by Bark Brick Block.
  • Low-maintenance: Both clay pavers and porcelain are low-maintenance materials that do not require regular treatment or upkeep, making them ideal for busy gardeners or those who need a low-maintenance garden design.
  • Slip Resistance: Clay pavers have a naturally slip-resistant surface, making them a good choice for walkways and patios. Porcelain is manufactured to the required slip-resistance for outdoor paving, providing reassurance in areas where water may be present.
Abbey Dark Multi Clay Pavers with Silver Grey Porcelain and large metal sculpture on David Harber trade stand RHS Chelsea 2016
Silver Grey Porcelain and Abbey Dark Multi Clay Pavers combine in a dramatic contrast in this design by Nic Howard for the David Harber trade stand at RHS Chelsea 2016.

These benefits don't just make putting clay block paving and porcelain together a long-lasting, attractive, low-maintenance and responsible choice for garden design. Clay pavers make it easy to create curved designs, and with porcelain they give you design opportunities that other materials can't - rich colour, shape and textural combinations.

Explore our wide range of clay brick paving, and then have fun combining it with our porcelain colours.