Our Corten Steel Planters make a stylish addition to any garden. Their range of shapes and sizes mean there is one that is perfect for any scheme. Here, we detail the qualities of these garden planters and give you tips on how to use them. Read on.

Our Corten Steel Cube Trough Planter and Corten Steel Tall Cube Planter sit side by side, filled with plants.
Corten Steel Tall Trough Planter and Corten Steel Tall Cube Planter


These stunning metal planters come in a part-weathered state that creates the impressive aesthetic you see. Over time, the planters will weather further, changing in appearance to create a beautiful worn finish. There is no need to worry about the durability of these planters, however, as once they have weathered into their orange-brown colour, a thin layer of oxidation protects the steel from any further corrosion.

The planters appear to float. Their 15mm feet are hidden underneath to give the beautiful impression of hovering just above the ground. Not only does this create a lightness of appearance, but it will also aid with the drainage of your plants.

Each of the planters in this range is fitted with a drainage hole. This allows water to flow from the planter and prevents the soil from becoming waterlogged, which can cause root rot.

Learn more about the range, including details of the dimensions of these unique planters, in our introduction to the collection.

Our Corten Steel Cube Planter is overflowing with a leafy bush in this garden setting.
Corten Steel Cube Planter

How to use

These metal plant pots are ideal for both commercial and domestic use. Their modern appearance will look just as at home outside an office space as when adding an interesting feature to a domestic garden.

It is important to take into consideration where you intend to position these planters. The ideal location would be on gravel, soil or grass areas. We do not recommend placing these planters directly on paving or decking. Rust deposits may result from the natural weathering process that gives these planters their unique appearance, as well as from water draining from the base of the planter. These may leave marks on the ground, which is why you should take care to place the planters where these markings will not be an issue. Alternatively, place protection on the ground before positioning the planters on top.

If you've been wondering about bringing them into the house or conservatory, we recommend our info on how to use Corten steel pots indoors.

Style tips

Part of our range of tall planters, square planters and trough planters, whichever you select, they are sure to add an impressive architectural feature to the space. Use the planters around entrances to the home for an impressive welcoming. Or use a few of the planters along a boundary line for added interest. Combine different sizes of the planters to add drama, or keep them the same for a more cohesive feel. The potential is limitless with these planters, and they work perfectly in a modern scheme.

The unique colouring and industrial feel are a perfect contrast to the natural beauty of the plants. Plant lush green hedges, Blue Lyme Grass (Leymus arenarius) or Bamboo Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' for natural tones that perfectly complement the metal. The larger format planters are perfect for creating an overflowing display and for combining different species in the one planter.

Our Corten Steel Tall Trough Planter is filled with a mixed early summer colour palette of flowers.
Corten Steel Tall Trough Planter

The planters

The Corten Steel Tall Trough Planter is large in both height and length. Its distinctive sizing, along with the stunning colour, adds an instant wow factor. Find out how they feature in designer Robert Jackson's stylish planter bench.

Our Corten Steel Tall Cube Planters make an impressive feature with their elongated height. These planters are the perfect choice for the front garden, placed either side of the front door.

Use our Corten Steel Cube Trough Planter to make an impact. They are ideal for gardens without flowerbeds that are looking for a larger planter to fill with bright, colourful flower heads. Trough planters are also a great choice for creating an herb or vegetable bed right in your very own back garden.

The uniform sizing of our Corten Steel Cube Planter will make a statement wherever used. The consistent dimensions are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for adding interest to the design. Use a few of these planters throughout the garden to create a flowing feel.

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