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  1. What is the Best Material for a Pergola? Aluminium vs Wood

    20th February 2023
  2. Are Aluminium Pergolas Loud in the Rain?

    7th February 2023
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    8th June 2022
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    4th May 2022
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    12th April 2022
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    30th March 2022
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    20th January 2022
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    31st August 2021
  9. Create An Outdoor Lounge In Your Garden

    25th August 2021
  10. Why Your Garden Needs A Modern Metal Pergola

    7th July 2021
  11. How to Clean Textilene

    18th June 2021
  12. Working In The Garden - How To Do It Comfortably

    18th June 2021

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A metal garden pergola is a sophisticated way to add an extra dimension to your outdoor space. Here we help you make the most of our collection, giving styling tips, construction information and explaining the details that make our metal garden pergolas a high-quality, value-for-money choice that will help you make so much more of your garden. Find out how they work and how to enjoy them best. Extend the time you spend in the outdoors and make it easier to entertain by choosing a pergola with a versatile, louvred roof that is easy to operate and allows you to adjust the light levels, protects you from the sun and keeps you dry in the rain. If you are looking to redesign your garden, then this is the perfect place for you to start. Whether you own a garden with large or small dimensions, a modern pergola adds slim lines and a modern aesthetic that brings it right up to date with the way people live now. The neutral colour palette of our pergola options make it a perfect complement to any outdoor décor. All come in kit form and are designed to be easy to install and maintain and you can be assured of the quality by the inclusion of a guarantee. Once you’ve browsed our information on metal garden pergolas, why not check out our metal planters? Planters and pergola together create a comfortable, attractive, contemporary space that will allow you to increase your activities and enjoyment of the outdoors.