40mm Downstand Steps

The Ultimate Porcelain Step Edge Profile

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Designed by Caroline Davy, built by PC Landscapes
London Stone’s 40mm Downstand Porcelain Step Treads provide the strong definition that works so well with rectilinear designs. Created at our Bespoke Stone Centre by our experienced stone masons, they add both weight and contour to a garden design. In a range of lengths, including 600mm and 900mm, as well as a generous 1200mm dimension that gives scope for a seamless modern expanse of this versatile and exceptionally hard-wearing stone, our 40mm Downstand Porcelain Step Treads allow you to expand your design options and create the feel and line you desire for your garden design.

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Our 40mm Downstand Porcelain Step Treads, available in a twenty-eight different base materials, from the gently mixed shades of our Project Porcelain, the matt finish and very even colouring of Slab Coke or Slab Khaki in our Premium range, to the choice of sandblasted, raked and natural-textured effects amongst our Luxury and Wood Effect Porcelains, offer steps to suit any environment. For complex-shaped areas, combine these 40mm Downstand Porcelain Step Treads with bespoke pieces made by our experienced stone masons to complete the design and create a tailored solution to your multi-level outdoor setting.