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We are Carbon Neutral

Through a combination of continuous improvements and carbon offsetting, we are proud to announce that from March 2023, London Stone became the first UK paving supplier to go carbon neutral.

We're all responsible for leaving a planet that can be enjoyed by future generations and don't take this responsibility lightly, which is why our programme to reduce our carbon footprint is headed up by one of our owners and directors. Gavin Walley is our fulfilment director, a founder of London Stone and passionate advocate for the environment.

The thought of leaving the planet in worse shape than what we inherited, is unthinkable. We have a duty to slow and ultimately reverse the environmental destruction humans have inflicted on the planet so that future generations can enjoy the natural world as much as we have.
Gavin Walley — Fulfilment director and founder of London Stone

Reducing our carbon footprint: The journey so far

We know that our business activities have a negative impact on the planet.

Environmental policies

After the UK announced its net zero targets at COP26, we decided it was time to continue developing our environmental policies by tackling our carbon footprint and working towards making our business Absolute Zero.

Performance data

We've been working to reduce our carbon emissions by making continuous improvements to our business operations and activities, view our progress here.

Carbon offsetting

During this process, we discovered that some of our emissions, like those generated by sea freight and haulage for example, are currently too expensive to eliminate, so whilst we await the arrival of affordable green haulage solutions, we decided to balance them out by investing in carbon offsetting projects.

How did we go carbon neutral?

After taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we balanced out the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offsetting projects.

Carbon offsetting balances out emissions that have already been released by supporting projects around the world that provide solutions to climate change (i.e. decarbonising electricity grids, reducing deforestation, sequestering carbon etc).

Carbon offsetting projects also bring advantages to local communities where they are implemented - often in developing countries. Supporting these types of projects complements existing Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, and demonstrates climate change leadership.

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As someone who has committed their life to creating outdoor spaces, I am proud to be a London Stone Green Ambassador. It is fantastic to know that for the first time, there is a hard landscaping supplier who has committed to helping to minimize the impact that we have on the planet.
Mark Gregory | Green AmbassadorMD of Landform Consultants, RHS Landscape Ambassador, holder of the RHS Associate Medal of Honour

Going further: We want to be Absolute Zero

Achieving Carbon Neutral status is a positive first step, but we have much further to go in our quest to reach Net Zero emissions, and ultimately become an Absolute Zero business.

This is how we plan to do it:

Step 1: Carbon Neutral

CO2 or CO2 equivalent emissions released into the atmosphere from our activities are offset through investment in accredited carbon offset projects.

Step 2: Net-Zero Emissions

CO2 or CO2 equivalent emissions are reduced as far as possible, with the remainder offset through accredited carbon removal projects. Only projects which remove carbon from the atmosphere such as tree planting, kelp regeneration or carbon capture and storage count towards net zero accreditation.

Step 3: Absolute Zero

Our activities don't generate any emissions so there is nothing to balance out or offset.

How did we calculate our carbon footprint?

We partnered with the experts from Carbon Footprint to carry out a Carbon Emissions Assessment of our business and Life Cycle Assessments of our products.

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Evaluating our Environmental Performance

Our goal is to reduce absolute emissions on an annual basis, however this may not always be possible as our business grows in size. That's why we have committed to reducing our emissions proportionally to the size of our business and will demonstrate this by reporting the amount of CO2 we emit per m² of material sold. We calculate this figure by:

CO2 emitted / m²of material sold


Total tons CO2 emitted

Total m² material sold

Reporting the data in this way means that even as our business grows, our performance in reducing carbon emissions as a proportion of sales can still be easily assessed.

We've put together the key environmental metrics that tell the story of our environmental performance in this quick glance score card with annual comparisons to show our progress.


Our transparent approach

We commit to publishing all the data about our CO2 emissions so that customers and stakeholders can scrutinise our environmental performance and make informed choices about buying materials from London Stone.

Carbon values for all our materials can be found on our website product pages.

We will publish our annual carbon assessment and an annual internal report to show our progress in reducing CO2 emissions.

We are delighted to have been awarded our Carbon Neutrality Certificate and Offset Certificate.

Visit this page for regular updates of actions we have taken to reduce our CO2 emissions. You can also follow our progress by visiting our blog, or following our social media channels.

Find our FAQs on the environment

We have put together a list of common questions that our customers ask us about the environment and our approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

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