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The thought of leaving the planet in worse shape than what we inherited, is unthinkable. We have a duty to slow and ultimately reverse the environmental destruction humans have inflicted on the planet so that future generations can enjoy the natural world as much as we have.
Gavin Walley — Fulfilment director and founder of London Stone
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Reducing our carbon footprint: The journey so far

We know that our business activities have a negative impact on the planet.

Environmental policies

After the UK announced its net zero targets at COP26, we decided it was time to continue developing our environmental policies by tackling our carbon footprint.

Performance data

We've been working to reduce our carbon emissions by making continuous improvements to our business operations and activities, view our progress here.

Container ship with multi-coloured cargo see from above, next to How did we calculate our carbon footprint. Container ship with multi-coloured cargo see from above, next to How did we calculate our carbon footprint.

How did we calculate our carbon footprint?

We partnered with the experts from Carbon Footprint to carry out a Carbon Emissions Assessment of our business and Life Cycle Assessments of our products.

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Our transparent approach

We commit to publishing all the data about our CO2 emissions so that customers and stakeholders can scrutinise our environmental performance and make informed choices about buying materials from London Stone.

Carbon values for all our materials can be found on our website product pages.

Visit this page for regular updates of actions we have taken to reduce our CO2 emissions. You can also follow our progress by visiting our blog, or following our social media channels.

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Find our FAQs on the environment

We have put together a list of common questions that our customers ask us about the environment and our approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

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