What Is Sawn Paving ?

What is sawn paving?  Although consumers are becoming more aware about the differences in natural stone paving, may people dont know the difference between the different types of stone paving available.  Since the huge boom in the popularity of garden paving in the early 1990's, which saw the large scale imports of Indian sandstone paving many different types of stone paving are now available.  London Stone have always specialised in the supply of contemporary sawn paving to cater for demand in the city of London but we are still reguarly asked the question, what is sawn paving?  When Indian sandstone paving first came on to the market in the early 1990's it was only available in the standard riven finish.  Riven finish means that the stone is naturally split along its fault line resulting in a naturally riven piece of stone.  When paving is sawn, rather than being split naturally along the fault line, the stone is sawn straight off the block in large slabs.  These slabs are then cut down to the required finished paving size and the surface is either honed, sand blasted, flamed or brushed.

London Stone are currently featuring a sawn granite paving installation on our daily blog.  For the past couple of weeks we have been on site with The Original Stone Paving Co in Warrington watching them as they install over 200m2 of sawn granite tegular paving.

Contemporary sawn paving laid in clean lines
Bold colours of silver grey granite paving complement contemporary designs
Quality Installation by The Original Stone Paving Co

For any further information on London Stone or The Original Stone Paving Co dont hesitate to get in touch with me

Published 11th July 2012
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