Bespoke Edge Profiles For Natural Stone Paving

An edge profile is an integral part of bespoke stone.  Adding an edge profile to a step tread or a coping stone will not only improve the appearance of the stone, it will also protect the stone from damage and chipping.  I am often asked by our clients how we apply edge profiles to our stone, this short blog will hopefully explain the process.  All of our edge profiles are done using our edge profiling machine.  The process can be done by hand but the hand process is not always consistent and if for example we were fabricating a set of coping stones for a straight wall , its absolutely essential that the edge profile is consistent.  Otherwise there will be a clearly visible discrepancy where coping stones meet together.

Prior to any edge profiles being added to stone we will hand select stone of a consistent thickness, occasionally we will need to calibrate paving down to ensure an even thickness.  The stone will then be cut to the correct dimensions, now its ready to be profiled.  The piece of stone is then fixed to the profiling machine with adjustable rubber heads


We then select the specified edge profile.  There are numerous edge profiles available including bullnose, half bull nose, pencil round, chamfer, Victorian, Edwardian and Regency.  Here are a few pictures of the diamond tipped edge profiles

IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0041

These edge profiles are then fixed to the head of the profiling machine which runs along the length of the stone until the edge profile has been created on the stone


The result is a consistent and precise edge profile.  Here are some pictures of finished edge profiles



By London Stone Blog | Published 26th September 2013
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