Garden steps can be much more than just a way of getting from one level to another. Steps can easily be made into the main focus of the garden. Here we look at some impressive garden step ideas, in both porcelain and natural stone.

Our Beige Smooth Sandstone Bullnose Steps, in this stunning design from Amanda Lorenzani Garden Design.

Natural Stone Steps

Our extensive range of off-the-shelf and bespoke stone steps makes us a market leader in this area. Natural stone is the perfect way to add stunning distinction to a design, as well as to unite a multi-level outdoor space.

Our off-the-shelf options of sawn stone steps include Sawn Sandstones, Limestone, Granite and Slate. Each is available with a minimum thickness of 30mm and finished with our signature bullnose edge profile. The bullnosed edge adds timeless detail to both contemporary and traditional designs, and creates beautiful contrast, casting a shadow on the riser beneath. You'll find they inject a sculptural element, perfectly drawing out the beauty of the natural stone paving. Indian Sandstones have a hand-cut rock-faced profile that is a natural match for their riven finish.

Our Florence White Porcelain 40mm Downstand Steps add a contemporary feel in this design from Executive Gardens.

Porcelain Steps

Our range of Porcelain Steps is unique to us. Not only do we have one of the largest selections of porcelain on the market, but all our porcelain paving is available with matching steps. We have over 45 different colours of Porcelain Paving available, each with a choice of matching step treads. Because they are manufactured in-house at our Bespoke Stone Centre by our experienced stonemasons, you can rest assured that your order will be crafted to our high standards.

Our porcelain is supplied in a range of standard sizes and available with bullnose, downstand, pencil round or chamfered edges. Customers can also take advantage of our fully equipped Bespoke Stone Centre for made-to-measure orders.

Straight garden step ideas

Keep it simple with straight, clean lines. This is a great way to enhance the modern appearance and linear look of a design. With matching paving and coping included, precise lines and exact measurements will only enhance the wow factor for this type of scheme. For modern spaces, porcelain is the perfect choice. For a more rustic feel, our Indian sandstone fits right in.

Our Jura Beige Smooth Limestone Bullnose Steps, used in this stunning scheme from Conquest Creative Spaces.

Curved Steps

Bring an elegant feel to a design with curved garden step ideas. This stunning style will elevate a design, adding instant movement and interest. The drawback to this style is that it will likely take up more space compared with more standard straight lines, but the results are worth it. Whether a beautiful, elongated curved design that stretches round the home or a refined circular staircase, it will create an impressive scheme in any garden.

Platform steps

Create a unique flight of stairs by layering platforms on top of each other for an interlocking design. This arrangement draws focus away from the change in levels and back to the overall design of the garden. The steps will become a subtle element as the design flows seamlessly throughout the garden.

The Landscape Design Studio used our Black Granite Bullnose Steps in this contemporary scheme.

Steps incorporated into the design

Meld garden steps into the rest of the design, extending treads, for example, to create seating or planters. Use the same material throughout the design to create a chic, unified space. By incorporating the steps into other elements of the design, it will create a spacious feel and retain that valuable floor space for other aspects of the garden.

Other considerations

Don’t just stop once the steps are installed; continue the design by incorporating other elements into the steps.
Consider adding lighting underneath the step tread. This will not only allow you to enjoy the design after dark and add an elegant touch, but also act as a safety element when you are enjoying your garden once the sun has set.
Add planting by placing plant pots either end of the steps or incorporating flower beds into the installation. Plants will soften the edges of the hardscaping, creating the perfect equilibrium in your garden. Planting can also be a great way to encourage the wildlife back into your garden.

Don’t forget safety. It can be easy to sacrifice this for style, but it plays an important role in considering garden step ideas. Think about adding handrails and make sure to take a moment to calculate the height difference in each step accurately to avoid tripping.

Our Tumbled Kandla Grey Sandstone Rock-Faced Steps add a traditional feel in this scheme from VaRa Garden Design.

Why buy our steps?

Our range of steps is the largest on the market. With steps to complement all our paving options as well as matching coping stones, we offer a complete solution for projects.

With so many off-the-shelf options in stock and available for nationwide next-day delivery, our steps can be confidently specified on projects.

As if this extensive range wasn’t enough, we also offer completely bespoke options. Perfect for those looking to create something truly unique and impressive, or just for those that have an awkward shape to work with and need exact measurements.

Post updated: January 2022