How To Point Natural Stone Paving Quickly

One of the most important elements of a natural stone patio is the pointing. Pointing is important for a number of reasons, both structural and aesthetic. Structurally the pointing will strengthen the patio by preventing any horizontal movement of the paving slabs.  It will also seal the gaps between the stone and prevent surface water from getting underneath the paving. Aesthetically the pointing will improve the look of the paving and enhance the natural characteristics of the stone.

Pointing is very skilled work and it is very easy to get it wrong, the first sign of a poorly laid patio will often be the pointing. As the popularity of natural stone paving has grown in recent years, so have the availability of a wide range of pointing products all with one thing in common, to try and make pointing easier.

One of these products is called VDW 800 GFTK, sounds very scientific doesn't it?  GTFK is a 2 part ready mixed epoxy resin. The process of mixing it is very simple, you simply add hardener and water and then mix in a cement mixer for 5 minutes.  It is then simply swept into the gaps.  The Original Stone Paving Co regularly use GTFK, especially when installing granite setts.  Granite setts or any type of stone setts are unbelievably time consuming to point and GTFK has completely revolutionised the way stone setts are pointed. You can see from the pictures that the GTFK is swept into the gaps until all the voids have been filled, the next thing is to wash any excess material of the surface of the Granite Paving.  That's it, job done!  Epoxy resin product are extremely durable.

There are many different pointing products on the market which are suitable for use with stone paving. I recently laid a Sandstone Paving patio in my garden and I used a product called easyjoint. Easyjoint is a 1 part pointing product, so it does not have the same durability as the 2 part epoxy resins but it is very good for small DIY garden paving projects.

GTFK is mixed normally in a cement mixer
Pour GTFK all over your brand new sawn granite paving
Sweep into the gaps between the paving
Wash the excess from the paving and the result is stunning


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By London Stone Blog | Published 17th July 2012
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