Natural Stone Paving Patterns

Natural Stone Paving is supplied in a number of different sizes which gives endless design options.  We are regularly asked by our clients which pattern should be used.  There are no hard and fast answers and it usually depends on the style you are trying to achieve.  Generally if you are looking to create a traditional garden design then random patterns are the most effective way to achieve this style. Materials like Sandstone Paving and Slate Paving work well in traditional garden designs and can be laid in either three or four flag patterns.  This is not to say that these types of Natural Stone cannot be laid in single sized patterns, people are trying to create individual outdoor spaces and just laying stone in a different pattern can really distinguish your garden from the rest.  Fossil Mint Sandstone for example looks stunning when laid in stretcher bond pattern using 900x600 size.

On the other hand if you are trying to create a contemporary outdoor space it is generally accepted that using a single sized paving slab is the best way to achieve this.  For contemporary designs, Sawn Paving comes into its own.  London Stone don't generally supply Sawn Paving in random sizes because most of our clients only buy single sizes.  All the different Natural Stone Paving Patterns can be found on our website and if you need any further information about Natural Stone Patterns contact a member of our sales team

By London Stone Blog | Published 22nd November 2011
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