800x800 porcelain outdoor tiles - we look at when to choose extra-large slabs for your outdoor space.

A modern design using Area 800x800 Porcelain Paving paired with a contemporary metal table and wooden pergola.
Our Area 800x800 Porcelain Paving sits comfortably in this large patio area.

When you want the right size tile for the space

The generous measurements of porcelain 800x800 paving slabs are ideal for larger spaces. They enhance spatial continuity where smaller tiles might feel too busy and bitty. The size of the tiles gives the space an open feeling and a calm canvas for other features in the garden.

When you want a minimalist design

These large paving slabs should definitely be on your radar if you’re after a minimalist design, where simple lines take the starring role. 800x800 are a design gift, their large format really allowing the character of the paving to shine.

Narrow joint lines

This is particularly the case when slabs are laid with narrow joints and matching grout. Pattern and colour receive minimal interruption, increasing the sense of spatial flow. Porcelain paving is a precision product and the rectified edges make narrow joints easier to execute. When you use matching grout, they will give a seamless effect with subtle texture. With contrasting grout, the slim, ultra-straight lines highlight the generous size of the paving.

Square patio of Corda Porcelain 800x800 paving slabs
The stack bond laying pattern and the cloudy tones of Corda 800x800 outdoor tiles give a calm feel to this minimalist courtyard built by Landscape by Design.

Landscape by Design used Corda to create a minimalist space. “It was a massive hit with our client,” they said. “They loved the rustic texture and tones within these outdoor tiles.”

As you can see, the gentle shades and organic feel of the paving perfectly complemented the existing brickwork of the home, while the large square tiles add a feeling of calm space.

When you want dramatic contrast

800x800 outdoor tiles can certainly be laid on their own. Their size helps to anchor outdoor furniture, pergolas and planters in place. In addition, their dimensions are perfect for allowing the beautiful shades and colours of the paving to shine through.

Polvere Porcelain 800x800 outdoor tiles bring interest to a small space in a contrast with decking.

However, in combination with other paving formats or materials, they will also instantly create contrast that helps delineate the space. Porcelain planks, with their long, narrow format, make a smart border to frame the larger tiles. For an even more striking distinction, you could use setts (also available in natural stone) to outline the extent, for example, of the dining area within a paved space. And don’t discount composite decking—the sleek lines of DesignBoard will complement these extra-large outdoor tiles in a sleek, modern design.

And when you've chosen extra-large paving...

Laying 800x800 paving slabs

If you’re thinking of laying 800x800 outdoor tiles yourself, it’s worth bearing in mind how you’re going to handle them. Each slab weighs around 27kg. That and the size means that it is a 2-man job to move one into position. At this size and weight, a professional-looking, level and even finish becomes harder to achieve, even though the area is covered faster than it would be with more, smaller tiles.

If you’re DIY-ing, you may prefer to choose smaller porcelain slabs. Or why not find a local landscaper?

Laying patterns for 800x800 outdoor tiles

Metal dining set on anthracite porcelain 800x800 paving slabs with house, lawn and planted bed.
The contemporary look of Anthracite 800x800 porcelain outdoor tiles is complemented by modern garden furniture.

800x800 outdoor tiles are nearly always laid in a stack bond pattern. This makes a particular feature of their proportions. However, also known as a chequerboard pattern, it creates uninterrupted lines of jointing between tiles, something which also roots the paving and adds to the restful quality.

If you’d like to inject more movement, turn the orientation of the paving 45 degrees to the main axis of the space. This will inject diagonals that draw the eye across an area, perhaps towards steps or a favourite garden feature.

A complete design solution

For those finishing touches, all our 800x800 porcelain paving is available in matching steps and coping. With a range of edge profiles to choose from, including chamfer, pencil-round and our industry-leading 40mm downstand and bullnose options, there's one for every project.

Our porcelain 800x800 paving slabs come in four design-popular colours, with soft tones that create a calm, relaxing ambiance. Explore the range to see more images of how they enhance your outdoor space.

Updated February 2024