New Product Alert! 800x800 Porcelain Paving

800x800 Porcelain Paving – the latest addition to our product range

This new range of 800x800 Porcelain Paving brings a whole new realm of style potential to our customers. With 14 unique new colours, as well as the larger square format sizing, this paving option has plenty of design capability.

Made from porcelain, each of the new additions is hard-wearing, durable, and low maintenance. These large format patio slabs have precise rectified edges that allow for minimal jointing. This format of these paving slabs is perfect for creating designs with a sense of spatial continuity. The large size is also perfect for allowing the beautiful shades and colours of the paving to shine through.

A modern design using Area 800x800 Porcelain Paving paired with a contemporary metal table and wooden pergola.
Our Area 800x800 Porcelain Paving makes the perfect addition to this contemporary scheme.

Read on to take a closer look at each of the new products in the 800x800 range.

Allure Hazel Porcelain Paving

Allure Hazel combines the beauty of natural wood with the durability of porcelain. This paving has been designed to replicate the stunning appearance of laid wooden planks to produce a relaxed, organic feel. This makes these tiles a versatile product that can be used in a wide range of different garden designs. Pair with monochrome tones to create a contemporary style. Alternatively, use raw materials throughout your design to bring out a more rustic side to the paving.

Antracite Porcelain Paving

A unique blend of charcoals and beiges in Antracite creates an attractive smoky effect. These rich, dark tones are perfect for ultra-modern design, bringing drama and elegance to a design. Combine the slabs with modern garden furniture and straight lines throughout the design to maintain the contemporary feel. The clouded markings in the paving will bring all the movement and interest you need to your outdoor space.

Area 800x800 Porcelain Paving

One of the lighter tones in the collection, the warm beige of Area gives the feel of a hot and sunny courtyard in the Mediterranean. Soft markings create the contemporary look of concrete in the paving. Because these pavers create depth and light that fill your garden with character, they are the perfect choice for making an outdoor area appear larger than it is,

Burnt Porcelain Paving

Inspired by riven natural stone, Burnt has a rustic character that will bring plenty of movement and interest to your design. Dark grey with realistic veining and shading, this paving option is perfect for creating a design with a more traditional feel. Pair with wooden garden furniture and plenty of planting to keep the organic feel.

A simple but impressive design using Nest 800x800 Porcelain Paving paired with a complementary cream outdoor sofa.
Our Nest 800x800 Porcelain Paving creates a stunning, relaxed feel in this space.

Corda Porcelain Paving

Gentle shades of cream with hints of charcoal and white create a bright and fresh feeling in our Corda paving. Another great choice for enhancing space, the soft shades are perfect for creating a warm and welcoming courtyard. Pair with terracotta plant pots to give your garden that on holiday feel. Or choose rattan furniture to maintain the natural tones throughout your garden design. For a more modern touch, edge the Corda paving with smaller, darker paving stones, to add interest and create an impressive contrast.

Cube Porcelain Paving

Rich, dark and intense, our Cube paving is sure to add depth to your design. The cloudy grey tones bring an industrial feel that is perfect for modern, minimalist designs. This interesting movement in the paving allows for plenty of design potential. For a more rustic feel, pair with earthy materials, like wood and planting. Or, to create an industrial feel, try metals and touches of glass. Finally, for a modern finish, stick to monochrome tones and simple details.

Gardena Porcelain Paving

Inspired by the Gardena region in Northern Italy, this paving has a dramatic blue-grey colour with a collage of white and grey markings. This dramatic palette brings plenty of character to the design and make the perfect complement to vibrant planting. Continue the Italian theme and plant plenty of perennials around the space. Consider a pergola and add climbers and, if you have space, perhaps a water feature.

A modern scheme pairing Sestriere  800x800 Porcelain Paving with wood effect plank porcelain and black concrete building.
Our Sestriere 800x800 Porcelain Paving is ideal for this ultra-modern design.

Itria Porcelain Paving

Another porcelain that is inspired by Italy, Itria evokes the character of the region in Apulia, Southern Italy. Bright, creamy tones transport you to that holiday destination. Further enhance the feeling of being abroad in your own back garden by planting olive trees and keeping your space light and airy.

Monviso Porcelain Paving

Monviso has a bold, rugged feel to it, with a realistic stone-effect. Greys and browns collide to give this porcelain its rustic character. The touches of brown resemble earth deposits to give this porcelain a truly organic feel. Monviso is perfect for creating a more laid-back design with a traditional feel. Pair with wooden garden furniture, terracotta pots and lots of planting.

Nest Porcelain Paving

Nest has an appealing, soft feel to it. Its warm, sandy beiges are combined with bright white to give it an almost pearl-like appearance. The resulting subtle movement and variation are perfect for creating and light and open space. When styling this paving, you can create a contrasting design by using dark features against the pale tones for a bold finish. Alternatively, keep the rest of the design light, with pale woods and creamy tones, and the odd darker shade thrown in for a little balance.

Polvere Porcelain Paving

The neutral tones of our Polvere are super on-trend and perfect for minimalist designs. Dusty greys and light beige combine in a calm, cloudy effect. Use this paving in modern settings to create a stylish finish. Keep the rest of the design minimalist, with just a few statement pieces for a truly impactful outdoor space.

Corda 800x800 Porcelain Paving with matching stepping stones is paired with a simple chair and stool.
The relaxed movement in our Corda 800x800 Porcelain Paving does all the talking in this minimalist design.

Rocky Porcelain Paving

With natural-looking veining and texture, our Rocky 800x800 Porcelain Paving in inspired by quartzitic natural stone. Combined dark and light tones of grey results in shading that has interest and movement, so this paving will bring plenty of character to any outdoor space. The relaxed grey tones are perfect for creating a space with a more scaled-back, organic feel. Pair natural materials like wooden furniture and garden edging and plenty of flower beds filled to the brim.

Sestriere Porcelain Paving

Our Sestriere has the feel of hard granite with its textured finish. The mid-grey is speckled with flecks of white and darker greys to create a consistent overall colour. This paving is perfect for a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Pair with wood-effect porcelain to create an interesting contrast, and use contemporary-style garden furniture.

Square Porcelain Paving

Varying shades of grey, with hints of metallic brown, give Square an industrial style. The subtle shading gives this paving a contemporary feel that is perfect for creating urban-chic designs. Pair with metal garden furniture, and a metal pergola, to create an ultra-modern scheme.

Explore the full range and find even more imagery of our exciting new range of 800x800 Porcelain Paving.

Published 29th July 2021
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