Why choose a Kandla Grey porcelain patio when you could have one in the extremely popular Indian sandstone it emulates? With patio ideas to inspire you, we look at the difference between the two materials and why you might choose porcelain.

Kandla Grey porcelain patio edged with Moderna clay pavers that also form curved path around lawn.
A Kandla Grey porcelain patio with a traditional feel, thanks to the planting and mix of materials, including our Moderna clay pavers, designed by Flower and Stone, built by Armstrong Landscapes.

Reasons to choose Kandla Grey porcelain over sandstone

Kandla Grey natural stone is extremely popular. Not just for traditional and more cottagey settings. It’s also the Indian Sandstone best suited to more contemporary schemes because, although it's a riven stone, it splits to a flatter surface than many other popular sandstones. Why choose Kandla Grey porcelain, instead?


Kandla Grey is known for its lovely blend of blues and greys. While the sandstone is prized for its consistent overall mid-grey hue, it is a natural material. There could be unexpected iron-ore deposits, or a more unevenness in the surface of some slabs than desired. Variations like these demand those slabs be kept aside for a discreet spot under the fatsia. With porcelain you can be sure that every slab can be placed in any position.

Precise lines

Kandla Grey porcelain patio of 900x600mm slabs with Steel Grey edging setts.
The minimalist lines of this Kandla Grey porcelain patio have been enhanced with the edging of Steel Grey porcelain setts, both of which complement the modern style of the house. Built by Green Life Landscaping

Indian Sandstone has hand-cut edges, giving a lovely crafted feel that’s just right for a relaxed design in cottagey surroundings. However, the recommended 10mm joints don’t take kindly to sharp, ultra-straight pointing.

The manufacturing process gives porcelain slabs very precise dimensions. This means you have a Kandla Grey that can be laid with a standard joint of 5mm, giving a sleek, crisp aesthetic that’s right at home in settings where sandstone might look like an unwanted guest.

There are a number of other reasons why you might prefer porcelain to a natural stone alternative, from a need for lower maintenance to range of colours. Discover why porcelain is perfect for patios.

Natural appearance

Seats round edge of circular paved area of Kandla Grey porcelain with central circle of Moderna clay pavers.
The combination of Moderna clay pavers with Kandla Grey porcelain paving creates a natural look to this design by Flower and Stone. Build by Armstrong Landscapes.

Even though it's manufactured, Kandla Grey porcelain retains a natural, organic look. This is achieved by the large number of individually printed slabs. All porcelain paving options are made up of a certain number of differently patterned slabs. With our Kandla Grey porcelain there are over 60 individually printed slabs in both the 600x600mm and the 900x600mm options. This is far more than you usually find in any colour and it increases the natural look, as it's extremely difficult to spot two tiles with the same printed surface.

You can support the natural appearance even further by designing with 900x600mm porcelain slabs, like those used by Flower and Stone in the project featured at the top of this page. Because it's the most popular paving size for natural stone, choosing that size augments the impression of natural stone.

Patio ideas with Kandla Grey porcelain

Combining materials

Kandla Grey porcelain patio with curled stainless steel water feature in narrow oblong pond edged with Black Granite.
This simple but striking Kandla Grey porcelain patio, by Heritage Landscapes, has been given strong edges with Black Granite bullnosed step treads.

Combining porcelain with natural materials creates an interesting contrast in texture and colour. Varied grey tones give an animated appearance to Kandla Grey porcelain and this characteristic combines extremely well with very even-toned dark colours, such as the Black Granite step treads used in the patio above by Heritage Landscapes. Decoration has been kept to a minimum to give the water feature a starring role, and the bullnose step treads create a strong edge detail.

The combination of granite is ideal with porcelain as they are both extremely dense materials and can be cared for with the same low-maintenance regime.

Discover more edging ideas for porcelain patios.

Creating a modern patio

A patio of Kandla Grey 600x600mm porcelain slabs and plank paving with water feature in midst of planted bed.
The ultra-modern feel achievable with Kandla Grey porcelain paving is evident in this design by Heritage Landscapes, who combined plank paving with 600x600mm slabs laid in a chequerboard pattern.

While it represents a traditional stone, Kandla Grey porcelain allows you to add a modern edge to your garden design. In the project above, Heritage Landscapes have used 600x600mm slabs in a chequerboard pattern and the slim, narrow shape of plank paving. This shape can be cut to size onsite from our 1200x600mm slabs; alternatively you might like to use our Bespoke Stone service. Complementing the rectilinear design, the paving is integral to the contemporary feel of the garden.

Not just for patios

Front of 1930s suburban semi-detached house with Brazilian Slate step and Kandla Grey porcelain paving
In this large front drive, Landscape Artisan combined Kandla Grey porcelain with a slate step and granite setts.

Porcelain is extremely hard-wearing and stain-resistant, which makes it one of several excellent driveway paving options, as it stands up well to vehicular traffic and frequent footfall. In the project by Landscape Artisan, above, the subtle markings of Kandla Grey add interest to an extensive paved area. The pairing with dark natural stone - here in the Brazilian Black Slate door step - shows again how successful this is.

Liked by landscapers

Kandla Grey has quickly become a firm favourite since we introduced it in 2021. Darren Smith of Landscape by Design, serving Rochdale and the North West, calls the slabs “absolute belters”. “One of the best products we’ve laid,” he adds.

Paul Gough of PDCStonecraft, who's a huge fan of Kandla Grey Indian sandstone, views the porcelain version as a possible “game-changer”.

And David Stack of Absolute Landscapes, Bedfordshire, says, "London Stone's Kandla Grey Porcelain paving was a wonderful product to use. It was easy to work with and delivers a fantastic textured finish."

This popular paving just one of a wide selection of options, all of which are also available in matching steps and coping. Find out more about Project Porcelain, the extensive budget range that includes Kandla Grey and includes stone-effect options, as well as setts and planks in selected colours.