When London Stone introduced 900x600 porcelain patio slabs to the market in 2019, it was an industry first. We look at the rise and rise of this popular paving format.

Round table and lounge set sits on round porcelain of Basalt Porcelain 600x900 outdoor tiles with lawn beyond.
Duncan Ross Gardens chose 900x600 porcelain paving in Basalt for this striking patio design. Running bond is a popular laying pattern for within a circle, as it adds width and dynamism.

Not so long ago, 600x600mm was the only slab size available in porcelain. Seems strange, doesn’t it? Don’t get us wrong! We like square pavers—in some schemes nothing else will do—but 900x600 paving slabs add a whole different character to a layout.

Why choose 900x600mm porcelain slabs?

  • The rectangular shape combines relaxed lines with a dynamic feel.
  • The 900mm length makes it easier to cover a larger area in less time.
  • The slabs are not so big as to be awkward to manoeuvre.
  • The size is standard for natural stone paving, and slots comfortably into older settings.

As director Steven Walley says, “They look great, and are really contemporary.” Laid in a running bond pattern, they combine the modern look of porcelain with a sense of movement. This movement can be especially welcome in larger spaces as it injects energy, drawing the eye across to features beyond. At the same time, the pavers’ larger size and shape prevent a paved area from looking fussy.

Modern lounge set on Polished Concrete 600x900 porcelain patio slabs, with house wall behind.
Essex Garden Design chose Polished Concrete 900x600 porcelain paving laid running bond to add subtle energy to this patio

This shape also makes porcelain versatile in other ways. In natural stone, it’s a tried and trusted slab size, and porcelain 900x600 paving, by subtly suggesting this material, add an acceptable modern twist to traditional surroundings.

Why 900x600 porcelain patio slabs are a practical choice

The 900mm length is a canny choice, especially when you want to make quick progress. It makes it easier to cover a larger area in less time, while not being so big as to be awkward to manoeuvre.

900x600 Light Grey porcelain patio slabs as paving and 2 wide steps up to lawn. Laid by Dorking Paving and Landscapes.
Dorking Paving & Landscapes used Light Grey Porcelain 900x600mm paving and cut the slabs to size as simple steps.

It’s also a size that cuts down into a useful size for step treads. Nick Smith of Dorking Paving and Landscapes did to great effect with Light Grey Porcelain, making neat, well-proportioned steps on-site.

Pavers for all budgets

Given their design potential, we weren’t surprised that landscapers and designers fell in love with them the moment they were introduced. It’s so popular that, in some colours, we now supply 600x900 porcelain slabs as the standard size. And, because it’s such a useful paving option, we’ve ensured it’s available across our ranges, to allow for every budget, from our Project Porcelain to Luxury Italian.

The Designers’ Choice

Florence Grey 900x600 porcelain patio slabs on Gabrial Ash trade stand, RHS Chelsea 2021
On their RHS Chelsea 2021 trade stand, Gabriel Ash chose a stack bond pattern as an appropriate floor pattern for 900x600 porcelain patio slabs inside a greenhouse.

Porcelain paving slabs in this size and shape have featured frequently in RHS shows since their introduction. In 2019, Gaby Pill snapped up Florence Beige 600x900 porcelain slabs for her Silver Gilt winning Mediterranean Terrace at RHS Malvern.  In 2021, on their Five-Star awarded trade stand, Gabriel Ash showed how well the size looks inside a garden building too.

10-year guarantee and free delivery

All our porcelain is covered by our Porcelain Paving Guarantee, giving you confidence that the cost of your porcelain paving will repay you with long-lasting enjoyment for many years to come. And with free delivery on all full packs and orders over £1000+vat, they’re even greater value for money.

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Post updated: November 2022