Confused about our ranges of porcelain pavers? Looking for value for money? We take you through what you need to know about our modern paving collections.

Large L-shaped  area, paved with Versilia porcelain pavers,, with outdoor furniture and garden studio.
Chiltern Garden Design chose Versilia Porcelain paving from our Luxury Italian range. Its subtle marbling and large format 1200x600 measurements add character to this extensive paved area. Built by J&S Scapes.

In a nutshell, our porcelain pavers are divided into five ranges - four Italian collections and Project porcelain.

Italian porcelain pavers

Whether you’re looking at our Luxury, Premium or Budget Italian outdoor pavers, rest assured that they are all identical in quality.

Luxury Italian paving range

Our Luxury Italian range offers the most choice in colour, size and texture. You’ll find sandblasted, fine-combed and wood-effect options. You'll also find paving in larger sizes, such as the 1200x600 slabs featured in the picture above. And you'll find the widest choice of colours, so you can choose a subtle variation that gives your patio design its own special character.

Not to be missed are our extra-large porcelain slabs in this range, delivering paving with design oomph

Florence Grey Porcelain pavers with garden furniture under pergola. Design by Emily's Gardens, built by JR Landscaping
Florence Grey pavers from our Premium Italian porcelain range makes a natural-looking foundation for this design by Emily's Gardens. Built by JR Landscaping Ltd.

Premium Italian Porcelain Pavers

Our Premium range contains some of our most popular pavers, with an emphasis on the natural stone character of limestone and slate.  Find out more about why these lovely Italian pavers are special.

Budget Italian Porcelain Range

Produced in collaboration with our Italian manufacturer, this range has been deliberately developed to cater to those on limited budgets who still want to enjoy the superior quality of Italian porcelain paving. The Budget Italian range may be small, but the paving's natural look and popular colours mean there’s no compromise necessary for anyone whose focus is value for money.

800x800 Italian Porcelain Pavers

This large, square slab size, in its own dedicated selection of colours, is particularly suitable for modern design. It's also a striking paving choice for patios and fits well into larger areas. 

Wide pavth of Charcoal budget porcelain pavers leads to matching steps to open porch with wooden front door.
Landscape Artisan used Charcoal Porcelain paving from our Project range to create this imposing approach to a front door.

Project Porcelain Paver Range

Our Project range, manufactured in India, offers a wide choice of budget-conscious paving. Often favoured by designers, it includes paving options that aren’t found in the Italian ranges. Within a wide choice of popular colours, especially greys, you’ll find plank paving and setts. Used on their own or in combination with larger paving slabs, these offer the opportunity to create a patio that’s totally individual to you.

You’ll also find project packs. This mix of slab sizes gives a more relaxed feel to paving, helped by the -/+2mm tolerance on the smallest pavers.

If the Italian paving is all the same quality, why are the ranges priced differently?

We've worked hard to make porcelain paving available to every pocket. Our Italian pavers are all manufactured at the same industry-leading factory. They are all made of the same materials, using the same high quality production methods. Limiting the range of colours and styles in our Premium and Budget collections results in fewer production costs and allows us to offer pavers to suit a broad range of budgets.

Value-for-money Project porcelain range

Just like our Italian pavers, all our Project porcelain is fully vitrified and rectified. Colour and pattern, however, are applied to the surface, so if you opt for profiled edges on steps and coping, you'll find a slight variation in colour on the honed edges.

Manufacturing methods mean that our Project porcelain weighs slightly less than the Italian, This can be advantage where lighter slabs are preferred. It also has a porosity of less than 0.05%, more than the water absorption rate of Italian porcelain, but still very much at the quality end of the market. It’s not unusual to find water absorption rates of 0.5% in cheap porcelain pavers.

Octagonal shaped patio of Venetian Beige porcelain pavers edged with clay bricks, built by Essex Garden Designs.
Venetian Beige is one of Budget Italian porcelain range, chosen for this patio by Essex Garden Designs.

Rectified slabs - the sign of quality

As well as porosity, rectification is a sign of high-quality porcelain pavers. This is when the tile is trimmed in the factory to the exact measurements. This stage is omitted in cheap porcelain pavers, meaning that you don’t get to enjoy the crisp, precise lines that are so vital to modern patio design.

All our porcelain pavers are fully rectified.

Steps and coping for a complete design solution

No one else has the range we have, because no one has a comparable off-the-shelf range of garden steps and coping to match the paving. What we offer is completely unique. Outdoor steps and coping stones are available to match each one of our porcelain paving options. This means that you don't have to spend time looking around, and you can put everything on the same order. Time saved.

Guaranteed quality

Whichever range your paver comes from, you can be confident in the quality. All of our porcelain paving comes with a 10-year guarantee. So, you can rest assured that your outlay will give you a patio to be proud of for many years to come.

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Post updated: February 2024