Streamlined Service At London Stone’s Trade Counter

“You waited how long?” Enjoy Streamlined Service At London Stone’s Trade Counter - learn more about how Chris and Josh put service first

“Contractors need to get out and do the job.” You can’t say it more succinctly than Chris Gibson, Manager of our Trade Counter at Langley, Berkshire. He knows you don’t want to hang around waiting for materials.

The London Stone Trade Counter, Berkshire Garden Centre, Langley, August 2019

And if you know us at London Stone, you’ll also know we like to provide more than just your ordinary trade-counter experience.

First, service. You won’t have to wait. “We manage with just the two of us here,” says Chris. “We’re very quick on how we put orders through. We’ll have three to four customers in the office at the same time and we can create an order in a minute.”

That order is walkie-talkied straight through to the pickers and will be ready to load in five to ten minutes. Just the right amount of time to enjoy a bean-to-cup coffee on us! That turn-around applies whether you’ve phoned us in advance (always a good idea for a large order, to check on stock levels) or come by unannounced.

Chris Gibson (left) and Josh Wright check an order in double-quick time, ensuring that no customer is left waiting longer than necessary

People matter too. If you need to discuss materials and requirements, you need someone who understands where you’re coming from. Josh Wright joined us earlier this year from a large builder’s merchants, and Chris Gibson began with us in the Bespoke Stone Centre, working with the Sealing, Packaging and Quality Control teams. Before that he worked in landscaping and sales, and together he and Josh bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the counter.

Second, surroundings. How often have you been to a trade counter where papers are piled up, forms have gone missing, there’s nowhere to sit? Oh, and where’s that cup of coffee?

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Fully refurbished in 2017, the facilities at Langley have more in common with our showrooms than they do with the average trade counter. “They’re usually piled with papers. Those piles are non-existent here,” says Chris. “Everything is put in the collection folder straight away. Other places are all overcrowded, trying to flog tape measures and things with the sales.”

It’s not surprising, then, that our Trade Counter draws favourable comparison. “It’s a comment from a lot of contractors that it’s a clean space. We have music on low; it’s simply laid out. You can see what we’ve got. We’re not overstocking the space.”

Consequently, it’s an oasis of calm. “It’s a very relaxed, happy place,” adds Chris. “Because it’s so clean, we’re not stressed out, asking ‘Where’s that piece of paper?’. We know exactly where it is and can go straight to it.”

Clear of debris and clutter - the London Stone Trade Counter has a relaxed, informal atmosphere - you're most welcome!

In smart, air-conditioned surroundings, you’ll find brochures, DesignBoard and Millboard displays, samples of Natural Stone and Porcelain, and a supply of our stone cleaners, sealants and adhesives. Not on display yet, but also available, are guns for gunpoint mortar and blades for Porcelain and natural stone. If you’d like to pick up a sample box while you’re here, just ask!

Chances are, though, you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. If you’re in a real hurry, call or message ahead to let us know what you need to take away. Give us at least ten minutes’ notice and it’ll be ready when you arrive.

“We’re the busiest premises that London Stone has out of them all,” says Chris. “We open at 7 am and it’s one of the busiest hours of the day. On a Saturday morning when we arrive people have sometimes been queueing since half past six.”

That’s why we make sure our whole Trade Counter experience is as streamlined as possible, from the clutter-free but information-rich showroom to the over-the-counter order system. We’re delighted to welcome you, but we know you don’t want to stay.

We look forward to seeing you (briefly) soon!

Published 29th August 2019
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