Natural Stone & Concrete Bases

Thanks for everybody's comments on the previous blog.  Especially grateful to the commentators for highlighting further flaws in the concrete base method of laying natural stone paving.  The problem highlighted was of water becoming trapped in between the paving and the concrete base causing damp spots in the paving.  If the base was MOT then any trapped water would easily drain away.

We are in the process of piloting a new brush in jointing compound.  There are quite a few of these types of products on the market, in addition to the gun injected mortar systems such as easipoint but we are reliably informed that unlike the majority of the brush in compounds, this new one does not leave a shine  I can't mention any product names as yet but we have received a very good report from a client who has just laid 400m2 of harvest sawn sandstone.  Using this new brush in compound the pointing was completed in just two days, with no shine.  We will keep everybody up to date with this.

By London Stone Blog | Published 23rd November 2010
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