When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, nothing quite compares to the timeless elegance of brick paving. And grey clay pavers are right on trend. Meet Carbona, our latest addition.

Path of Carbona grey clay pavers between lavender hedges, leading to outbuilding.
Dark grey clay pavers always look good with purple flowers such as this lavender.

Rich grey tones for modern design

Carbona clay pavers have all the classic appeal of traditional brick paving but in an understated mix of grey tones. These blend well with a variety of architectural styles, adding sophistication and elegance.  And with the modern trend for pale house walls, these are an ideal foil to match contrast with cream or white render while complementing grey-painted windows and chrome-fitted front doors.

As with all clay pavers, your choice of paving pattern has an impact on the feel of your design. An even blend of colour, such as you find in Carbona, can really bring out the dynamics of the pattern.

Carbona clay paving matches the grey brick of a modern, rectilinear garage frontage.
A truly modern look, with Carbona clay bricks matching this modern architecture.

But these dark grey clay pavers are not only visually stunning. Like all clay bricks, they are also highly durable and practical, ensuring that your outdoor areas will look great for years to come.

The Carbona clay paver brick is available in 204x50x60mm dimensions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small pathways to larger driveways and patios. Additionally, the smooth, slip-resistant surface ensures that the product remains safe and functional, even in wet conditions.

Lavender flowers in front of Carbona grey Dutch pavers laid next to dark gravel.
A classic example of how clay paving work so well with other textures, providing a smooth counterpoint to gravel in this instance.

Our Kessel Garden paver range

Carbona is the newest addition to our Kessel Garden range. This collection is particularly suitable for domestic settings where you want a relaxed feel with the touch of modernity provided by its slim proportions. All our Kessel Garden pavers have a tumbled finish, creating a softer outline. Opposing sides offer a choice of smooth or sanded surface finish, allowing you to select a subtly different character for your design.

And don't forget that clay pavers are a great choice for the environment. Find inspiration for your design across our clay paver ranges.