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When designing your garden, you want to be sure to make the most of it with Fencing, Screens & Cladding. By adding a design element to your vertical space you can extend the aesthetic of your garden and create impressive features. But where do you start? We have put together several blogs that will help you design your perfect vertical space. Styling tips, garden examples, and suggestions of products that will work well together, can all be found here. We also investigate the different types of materials that are available to create this kind of design, and the overall feel they will achieve. We compare the qualities of each material, their positive traits as well as their drawbacks, to leave no question in your mind which is the right one for you. Many show gardens use this kind of designs to create inspired spaces, and our products have been there to support them. Take a look at these show gardens, as well as other inspiring outdoor spaces, that will ignite the creativity in you. We are always looking to provide you with the best quality products, as well as a comprehensive range to choose from. As we bring in new products to our ranges, we shall also introduce them to you, so keep up to date with our new products here. Browse through our catalogue of Fencing, Screens & Cladding blogs to find out how you can be making more out of your outdoor space by designing upwards with this exciting range of products.