Contemporary Fencing From London Stone

Contemporary Fencing From London Stone - learn more about our stylish and great value fencing options.

In response to our customer’s needs, London Stone has introduced quality new fencing ranges that will suit any budget and design style. The collections are either made from sustainably sourced Redwood or softwood, and are grown in responsible forest management systems.

Contemporary Fencing From London Stone

Our fencing panels can accentuate existing masonry and leave you with a beautiful modern finish

Contemporary Fencing From London Stone - Why We Choose These Products

Not only is fencing the perfect way to improve privacy in your garden, but can also be the perfect finish touch. Fencing is the ideal way to mark boundary lines or cover unsightly views. Whatever the reason, most homes will benefit by using some fencing. When many of you mentioned that it would be convenient to you for us to stock fencing, we of course, listened.

When we introduce new products, we take the time to ensure that the products meet our standards; as well as yours. We pride ourselves on providing you with best quality for reasonable prices. We also place strong emphasis on sourcing products ethically. The fencing range share the London Stone ethos of sustainability and ethically-sourced products which makes them a perfect fit for us.

Contemporary Fencing From London Stone

Use the fence panels to create a stunning, contemporary boundary to your garden scheme

More About The Red Cedar Fencing Range

Cedar wood has many natural qualities that make it a great choice for fencing. It is light weight, stable, and naturally resistant to rotting, splitting, and warping. It’s ideal for standing the test of time. With natural variation and graining in the wood, no piece is identical, allowing the beauty of the natural wood to shine through. After time, cedar wood will weather to a beautiful silver-grey colour, with dark streaks. If you would prefer for the fencing to retain its original colour, then the wood can also be treated to seal the colour.

The installation process of our fence panels has also been designed to be quick and easy for you. There are just three steps to follow when installing, and once installed the fencing posts are not visible. The screws have also been coated to blend with the wood. Together, this produces a completely seamless result for a stunning modern finish. The fence posts can either be installed directly into the ground to create original fencing, or to enhance existing walls or fencing, you can attach the panels to existing structures.

Products In The Red Cedar Fencing Range

Contemporary Fencing From London Stone

Minimal yet effective - Venetian Slatted panels create a brilliant end result which will look good for years to come

There are six stylish fence panels to choose from, all with matching gates, so you can create a completely complementary scheme.

If you are looking for more seclusion in your design, then take a look at the privacy options. With no gaps between the slats, these panels provide complete privacy. The ideal choice for creating your own private oasis in the garden. There are two beautiful privacy options available with either standard size slats or slim, for a more modern edge.

We also have fencing that will allow light to travel through the panels and flood your garden, whilst still providing some seclusion. Choose from bevel edge or square edged panels for a style that suits your garden. For a truly unique element see our open slatted pane, this panel features extra-large gaps between the slats. The style is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming feel in the garden. A perfect home for climbing plants as well.

Contemporary Gate From London Stone

The range has gate and fixing options available for a full vertical solution

If you are looking to create a boundary line that is half fencing and half walling, look at our Venetian Slatted Fence Panels. Shorter in stature, they’re perfect for combining with other materials in the garden.

All the fixings that you will need to install these fence panels are also available from London Stone.

The Softwood Fencing Range

Our Softwood Horizontal Lattice Top panel represents excellent value

This range of fence panels are all made from timber wood. Timber is naturally hard wearing and low maintenance, perfect for brining long lasting quality to your garden. Again, this comprehensive range includes fencing options to complement the fencing panels. This range is ideal for the more budget-friendly project.

The styles in this range and have all been selected to provide you with broad range of choice. The unique design of each of the panels will suit any garden design.

Our collection includes fencing with a traditional feel. The Featheredge Green, Tongue and Groove Flat Top and Square Horizontal panels all bring their own twist on the classic style of fence panels.  The offer complete privacy with tight slats, but also with a stylish edge. The Venetian fencing also provides complete privacy whilst also allowing light to trickle through.

Contemporary Fencing From London Stone

Contemporary and hard-wearing, the collection will suit any design

If you a more open feel is desired, that plenty of light can pass through, our Slatted option features larger gaps between the slats. For a completely open feel with a decorative aspect use our Heavy Diamond Lattice panels. The slats are laid in such a way that creates a diamond effect with extra-large gaps.

Our Horizontal Lattice Top and Omega Lattice Top give you the best of both worlds. On the bottom half the panels have a classic feel, but the top of the panels bring a touch of pizzazz. The top of the panels has the unique diamond design in either a square or curved finished. Ideal for adding an extra dash of style to the garden.

The range is completed with three attractive gate options, as well as installation accessories and locks and hinges.

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Published 1st October 2020
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