Cost Of Natural Stone Paving

There are so many different types of natural stone paving available that it must be bewildering for domestic customers who are looking to buy stone for the first time.  Go back 5 years and the choice would have been much simpler and  limited to a few types of Indian Sandstone paving and limestone.  Go back 10 years and the choice would have been simpler again.  To coin a well known Henry Ford phrase "You can have any type of stone you want as long as its Yorkstone"  Customers often ask why the price of stone can vary from one type.  There are many factors that can affect the value of natural stone and I will detail a few different examples of why the price of stone can vary so much

1.  Indigenous stone is always more expensive than imported stones.  Portland stone, Yorkstone and welsh slate are 3 of our most well known indigenous stones, all have a track record of quality and durability but come with a high price tag.  They are often 3 or 4 times more expensive than imported stones and this is purely based on the higher costs associated with producing stone in the UK.  Land cost, labour costs, fuel, transport costs all mean that anything produced in the UK will always be more expensive than any imported equivalents

2.  Riven Indian sandstone is the cheapest type of stone available on the market.  This is not to say there is anything wrong with Indian sandstone, in most case it is actually a hardy, durable material which stands up well to our British climate.  The reason it is much cheaper than riven Yorkstone (The British equivalent) is that labour and production costs are much lower in India than they are in the UK.  The cost of Indian stone is rising due to the mechanisation of the industry so while the silly prices we have seen in recent years are a thing of the past, Indian stone is still an affordable paving solution

3.  Sawn Paving costs a lot more than standard riven material because of the machinery required to produce it.  Block saws, gang saws, polishing machines, quality packaging all requires significant investment and companies that ave the foresight to make this investment need to charge a higher price for the Stone in order to make the business financially viable

By London Stone Blog | Published 20th June 2013
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