Which Indoor Porcelain Tiles Should You Be Using?

Read our handy style tips for interior design using indoor porcelain tiles

When it comes to internal design using porcelain tiles, each tile will bring a distinct feel to your design. To help you decide which tile to purchase, you should first think about what aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your home. To help you navigate the wide range of porcelain tiles available, we have put together these handy style tips.

Porcelain interior tiles are the perfect choice for creating luxurious designs.
This minimalist style oozes elegance.


This style of interior design is focused on simplicity. Using only the essential elements, the idea is to create an open and uncluttered space. White tiles, like our Comblanchien Porcelain Tiles, are the perfect choice for this stripped-back style. You can pair them with either wood-effect floor tiles or another neutral base. Use a few statement pieces of furniture but keep the rest of the décor stripped back to leave plenty of space.


Contemporary is the style of the moment. Like the minimalist style, this interior design style should also offer uncluttered, simple spaces. Use straight lines or elegant curves and keep furniture minimal and low-impact; bold features should be reserved for ornaments. Exposed elements can also make a stunning feature in this trend, like an exposed beam or wooden sofa legs. Several of our tiles will make the perfect base for this trend. Pair white walls with our wood-effect tiles for the floors. Alternatively, pair a light tile, like our Gesso, with a grey on the floors, like our Sidewalk.


Traditional styling pulls in luxurious influences from the 18th and 19th centuries whilst still offering a comfortable living option. To make it warm and inviting, with a sense of elegance, layer the décor with plenty of detail. Rich colours will look right at home in this style. Our wood-effect porcelain tiles will make the perfect choice for flooring in this kind of interior design. You could even use our wood-effect tiles on the walls. Other options for walling would include white or grey tiles for a more neutral backdrop or our Navy or TC Mint tiles for more colour.

Stone tiles are the perfect choice for rustic designs.
This design is a perfect example of rustic styling. Exposed bricks, wood and natural stone tiles are combined to create this aesthetic.


When it comes to rustic styling, the emphasis should be placed on natural materials that are either rough, aged, or textured. These casual elements will create a stunning rugged, organic look. Again, our wood-effect tiles will look right at home in this trend. But our stone tiles also make the perfect choice for flooring or to add interesting features on the walls: for instance, around a fireplace.


Industrial décor takes its inspiration from the stripped-back and exposed style of a warehouse or factory. Use raw elements like exposed beams, brick walls or metal to achieve this style. Our range of tiles with hints of metal, such as Copper or Magnet Porcelain Tiles, make the perfect choice for this design.

Patterned tiles are perfect for adding an interesting focal point to designs.
The patterned tiles create a beautiful statement in this design.


The final interior style we will look at is the beautiful décor inspired by the Mediterranean region. Simple and romantic, it brings together natural materials, warm colours, and plenty of light. Decorative tiles will make the perfect addition in this style. Use them for a kitchen backsplash or even to give your floors a mosaic feel that is reminiscent of a Greek island. Our Cementina Mix, Cementina Patterned or Tarsia Patterned Porcelain Tiles will all look right at home in this design.

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Published 3rd June 2021
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