Sandstone Paving is often the first choice for people thinking about installing garden paving. Sandstone paving is available in a wide range of colours, surface finishes and sizes to suit most budgets and design requirements. From riven Indian sandstone paving, through to ultra contemporary sawn sandstone paving. The London Stone sandstone range will provide the ideas and inspiration to bring your garden patio to life.
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Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving
Autumn Brown
Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving
Kandla Grey
Mint Sandstone Paving
Mint Sandstone
Raj Green Sandstone Paving
Raj Green
Tumbled Mint Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Mint
Tumbled Raj Green Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Raj Green
Tumbled Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Kandla Grey
Tumbled Black Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Black
Beige Sawn Sandstone Paving
Beige Sawn Sandstone
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Paving
Harvest Sawn
Buff Sawn Sandstone Paving
Buff Sawn Sandstone
Contemporary Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving
Contemporary Grey
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Sandstone Circles
Sandstone Circles
Sandstone Setts
Sandstone Setts
Tumbled Mint Sandstone Setts
Tumbled Mint Setts
Multi Mint Sawn Sandstone
Multi Mint Sawn
Antique Cream Sandstone Paving
Antique Cream
Heath Sawn Sandstone
Heath Sawn Sandstone
Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving
Reclaimed Yorkstone
Grey Yorkstone Setts
Grey Yorkstone Setts
Flamed Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving
Flamed Grey
Desert Sawn Sandstone
Desert Sawn Sandstone
Golden Sawn Sandstone Paving
Golden Sandstone
Camel Dust Sandstone Paving
Camel Dust
Britannia Buff Yorkstone Paving
Britannia Yorkstone
Dune Sawn Sandstone Paving
Dune Sandstone
Mirage Sawn Sandstone Paving
MIrage Sandstone
Light Grey Sandstone Paving
Light Grey Sandstone
At London Stone quality is our priority. We source the finest stone, giving our customers the materials needed to install eye-catching paving for commercial and domestic premises. We have state of the art Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machines and skilled masons who can provide you with bespoke sandstone options at highly competitive prices. From tumbled setts to Rajj green, our selection of sandstone paving is truly comprehensive. Visit one of our showrooms or shop online today.