Channel Drains

Our PVC Channel Drain is made from plastic (PVC) element with an aluminium design grate. This PVC drainage system is ideal for use around the home, in areas with no traffic. Use the drainage system to drain water through the channel to the sewer or infiltration system via a side or bottom spout. Draining the water into an infiltration system works sustainably and improves the water balance of the soil. Stick to the following steps to install the drainage system: 1. The drain has the option of a side or bottom spout; the side spout is integrated in the end plate; the bottom spout is integrated in a connecting piece. For the bottom spout, determine where you want to place the connection coupling piece and drill a 045mm hole in the bottom of the drainage channel. 2. Create an approximately 15 cm deep trench for the foundation. Be sure that the foundations have the minimum dimensions of 5 cm high and 10 cm wide. 3. Apply stabilized sand in the trench; 1-part cement and 3 parts sand and apply the mixture to the desired height. Click the connecting pieces around the channel elements and adjust to the correct height, then fill the trench to the bottom of the pavement with sand cement. Be sure to leave the grate in the channel element. 4. Finally, carefully compact the foundation strip around the channel.

Steel, aluminium and PVC channel drainage for gardens, patios and driveways

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