Tall Planters

Tall planters are ideal for decorating a large space and can create a stunning focal point. Surround tall planters with smaller planters to make a multilevel feature. Follow our potting guide for tall planters to get the most out of a planter. Firstly, Tall garden planters require a lot of potting soil to completely fill, which can make planters heavy. Instead, fill the bottom half of the planter with space savers; this will save on soil and make the pot lighter and easier to handle. Space savers can be made from a variety of materials like polystyrene or bottles. Next separate the space savers from the soil. Use a layer of newspaper, coffee filters or landscaping fabric to do this. Add the potting soil, leaving a few inches at the top of the planter and then plant your plants. Use plants that will achieve different heights for a full and attractive appearance. Plant the tallest plant at the back of the planter and add a cascading plant to the front, plant the mid-height plant in the middle. Be sure to use plants that have the same light and water requirements in the same pot. Finally, add more potting soil and water as required.

Tall trough and cube planters in a range of sizes to add drama and height to planting

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