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Granite Setts

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Granite setts, both beautiful and highly durable, offer a range of colour and finish that makes them versatile enough for a place in both contemporary and traditional designs. sawn and flamed, they suit the crisper lines of modern and urban spaces while, riven with hand-cut edges, they add a rustic quality to more traditional settings. Granite setts are an economical way to incorporate curves into paths and borders and, being very stain-resistant and needing almost no maintenance, they are ideal for driveways, damper and tree-shaded spaces and high-traffic areas. It's difficult to overstate the versatility of Granite Setts. Contrasting or complementary colours combine to create bespoke patterns, or mix with larger paving to add texture to more extensive designs. Setts can be used to define spaces, delineate the edges of larger areas, create natural pauses at junctions and gateways. Their smaller scale allows them to increase the sense of space in a smaller area while retaining a feeling of intimacy, while the riven, hand-cut square Granite Setts create a cobbled effect that looks immediately settled in traditional designs.