Add interest to a winter garden with Pebbles and Chippings

What a week! Heavy rain sweeping Britain, brutal winds whipping leaves from branches. This seems the ideal opportunity to appreciate materials that maintain or even enhance their decorative effect in terrible weather.

IMG_4168 Rae Wilkinson's 'Abbeyfield Society: A Breath of Fresh Air" Garden at Hampton Court 2016


Pebbles and Chippings do just that and our recently introduced range covers a broad choice of colour, size and texture. At this time of year, they really come into their own, offering a sculptural element to hard landscaping when their contours and shapes are made glossy with rain, highlighting shadow and contrast.


Of course, they're useful too, preventing soil erosion and capping during downpours, suppressing weeds (especially when used in conjunction with our Weedblocker membrane), aiding drainage and reducing evaporation (OK, that's more of a summer thing). But Pebbles are often cast in an undeservedly supporting role—the infill around paving or in a transitional area, edging lawns or making a contrasting background to plants. Undoubtedly they're very useful in these roles, but many of them are good-looking enough to star.


web_res_29_pebbles_white_thasos White Thasos Pebbles


Particularly popular, for example, are our White Thasos Pebbles which bring a bright accent to contemporary greys, and Black Lava Pebbles which tone well with Granite and Basalt. Both offer a smooth outline that works really well with the linearity of modern designs.


While water and Pebbles are a natural combination, as Rae Wilkinson showed in her Abbeyfield Society Breath of Fresh Air garden at Hampton Court this year (pictured top) where our Smooth River Pebbles were the ideal surround for her peaceful water feature, how about fire? The addition of Black Lava Pebbles to a firepit adds drama, while their volcanic origins make them a natural choice for the position.


firepit 1 Black Lava Pebbles


Extraordinarily versatile, Pebbles and Chippings blend their character to the surrounding space – adding texture to a minimalist landscape, or an organic, textural appeal in more traditional settings.  It's worth remembering too that aggregates small enough to walk on, such as our Shropshire Grey and Slate Chippings, will also introduce the element of sound and a soft touch underfoot, complementing the sights and scents your clients are looking for, and increasing their sensual experience of your design.


Whatever senses you'd like to appeal to with your design, take a look at our range of Pebbles and Chippings, specially selected to complement and contrast with our Porcelain and Natural Stone Paving.


Published 24th November 2016
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