August 21 News – Porcelain & Stone Tiles

Take a look at our UK-manufactured ceramic wall tiles and give your home a stylish makeover

Tempted by colour, but a bit nervous of the effect? It’s understandable. The appeal of white tiles is that they’re never wrong, but sumptuous colour gives your interior a rich quality that is deeply satisfying. And there are so many options.

Marine blue gloss tiles splashback with chair rail tile and gold tap fittings from London Stone
A half-tiled Marine wall topped neatly with matching

Rich colour that doesn’t overpower

Take our Savoy range of UK-manufactured ceramic wall tiles; seven colours in a very contemporary palette, each carefully shaded across individual tiles. This softens the colour-block effect and creates depth. It makes a statement, but doesn’t overpower the space. The result is a warm welcoming room that’s very restful to the eye.

Textural interest

If you’re worried that a fully tiled wall is just too much, then a half-tiled wall, with toning paintwork above, as in the top picture, can give the best of both worlds.

However, floor-to-ceiling tiles offer plenty of opportunities with the right range. Each colour in the Savoy range comes with a matching Décor option. Spread these textured tiles randomly across the wall, or create a band to divide the surface area.

A kitchen wall with Noir gloss British made ceramic tile with band of Decor textured tiles from London Stone
Every tile in the Savoy British-made ceramic wall tile range has a textured Decor tile option

Or take a leaf out of the book of traditional interiors by incorporating skirting and chair rails, but in ceramic, rather than the usual wood. These, not only break up the space, but alter the plane of the wall with their contours, catching the light differently and adding textural interest.

Don’t feel constrained to using matching colours. A black or white chair rail adds a pleasing contrast that will work with any of the colours.

Colour combinations

A green plastic chair against a wall of British made ceramic Savoy slate and Sage wall tiles from London Stone
Mixing Savoy Slate and Sage ceramic wall tiles for dynamic effect in this herringbone laying pattern.

For extra interest, consider combining colours. The Savoy colour palette is full of shades that complement each other. Blending them into a pattern is a design option for putting your personal stamp on your home décor.

Choice of laying patterns

The choice of brick-shaped tile opens up a whole new dimension in decorating. Far more versatile than a square format, the brick shape offers the fascinating choice of what laying pattern to employ.

Savoy Sage ceramic wall tiles, with contrasting chair rail tiling. This design is a great example of stacked bond tiling (below) and running bond (above)
  • Stacked bond, where edges line up, for a crisp, static design that really emphasises the rectangular shape of the tiles.
  • Running bond, where the vertical joint is staggered, has a more horizontal emphasis.
  • Herringbone adds a dynamic energy.
  • Basket weave, where a block of two tiles is placed at right angles to another block, making a strongly geometric pattern.

British-made ceramic tiles spell quality

"Manufactured in the UK" has a reassuring ring of quality, especially with ceramics. These British-made ceramic tiles are no different, with their high-gloss long-lasting finish and subtle surface colour effect that will grace any home. Not only do they come in at a competitive £21.50 + vat, but we're pleased to offer a lead time of only seven to fourteen days.

Luna Savoy glazed ceramic wall tiles with Noir skirting and chair rail. Check out our other tiles ranges.

We’ve tried to give you just a small taste of how many options you have with this superb collection. Check out our gloss wall tiles for more images that show how our British-made Savoy wall tiles will transform your home.

Published 10th August 2021
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